Dec 31, 2020
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Kachan Alexandra Timati’s daughter visited the theater in the company of Vladimir Vinokur and his grandson 04:14, 31.12.

04:14, 12/31/2020

Alice watched a performance with the artist’s heiress.

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In October 1985 in a showman’s family Vladimir Vinokur and ballerinas Tamara Pervakova daughter was born Anastasia… The girl followed in her mother’s footsteps from early childhood. Already at the age of five, Nastya’s parents gave the heiress to dance and gymnastics classes, and later to preparatory courses at the ballet school. At the moment, 35-year-old Anastasia is participating in productions at the Bolshoi Theater.

Vladimir is very proud of his daughter’s achievements. According to the artist, he respects the heiress, first of all, for her hard work. “She – a child from a wealthy, well-known family – does not spend her life on parties, like many of her peers. She has been working hard all her life, ”said the star father. On December 30, Vladimir Vinokur attended one of Anastasia’s performances at the Bolshoi Theater. The artist was accompanied by his wife Tamara, grandson Fyodor, another star heiress – daughter Timati Alice, girl’s grandmother Simone, as well as the ex-husband of Anastasia.

Timati’s daughter visited the theater in the company of Vladimir Vinokur and his grandson

Recall that the ex-spouse of the heiress Vladimir is a close acquaintance of Alice’s parent – Grigory Matveev replaced Timati as CEO of Black Star until the rappers left the label. The ex-participant himself “Star factories-4»I could not come to the performance because of the busy work schedule. “Everyone loves Timati!” – explained Vinokur (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.). Vladimir shared pictures from a family evening at the theater in his microblog on Instagram.

Vinokur thanked his daughter for the holiday organized for the family, and also said that the children were extremely pleased with the performance. “Today was a Holiday !!! Nastya invited us to the Nutcracker play at the Bolshoi Theater !!! Nastya shone on stage !!! Fedya and Alisa were delighted !!! ” – wrote Vinokur. According to the artist, in addition to the performance, his daughter gave Alice and Fedor a backstage tour. Vladimir finished his publication with congratulations on the upcoming New Year. The singer wished his fans the most necessary health in the current situation with the spread of coronavirus infection.

Vladimir Vinokur with his daughter and grandson

Recall that rumors about the dissolution of the marriage between Grigory and Anastasia began to circulate back in April 2019, but the ballerina immediately denied this information. But despite the fact that the star heiress refused to admit the fact of the divorce, in May the journalists managed to find out that the talks about the end of the relationship between Vinokur and Matveyevich are not lying. In July, Anastasia herself commented on break. Moreover, the artist shared the reason for divorce with her ex-spouse. According to the ballerina, the reluctance on both sides to make concessions is to blame. Vinokur also noted that she got married too early. The ballerina advised people under 30 not to rush to formalize their relationship.

According to Anastasia, after the divorce from Grigory, her son was in the first place for her. At the moment, Fedor lives with a stellar mother. The boy is engaged in swimming, and is also studying English and French in kindergarten. By the way, the birthday of the ballerina’s heir took place quite recently. On the tenth of this month, Anastasia congratulated her son on his fifth birthday on social networks, sharing archival snapshot with the newborn Fedor from the hospital.

Anastasia Vinokur with her ex-husband Grigory

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