Apr 19, 2021
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Juventus Turin shares up 10% after news of Super League creation

European football clubs announced the creation of the Super League – a newly-minted tournament among the strongest teams in Europe. Against this background, shares of Turin “Juventus” have risen in price by 10%.

Juventus Turin shares up 10% after news of Super League creation

At the opening of trading on the morning of April 19, the club’s shares cost 0.85 euros per share. As of 12:00 Moscow time, the growth in share prices corrected at 8.8% at 0.841 euros per share.

At the premarket of the New York Stock Exchange, the value of shares of Manchester United also went up. The club’s securities rose 5.13% to $ 17, as if the English club is also portrayed as the founder of the Super League.

In the newly minted Super League 12 strongest teams in Europe will play: Liverpool, Milan, Arsenal, Atlético, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham “. One of the initiators of the Super League is the owner of Juventus Andrea Agnelli.

Later, three more teams participating in the Super League will be determined. In addition, it is planned to compete for places among the five teams through qualifications, which will be carried out every year.

JP Morgan bank is ready to finance the tournament, which will invest 4.6 billion dollars. He wants to return pennies from subsequent earnings from the lion trader on television broadcasts.

The clubs will be guaranteed a payout of 350 million euros, the founding clubs will be paid 89-310 million euros as a bonus. Champions League winners receive a routine of 130 million euros every year.

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