Dec 29, 2020
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Jupiter in Aquarius: Angela Pearl told who he will bring good luck in 2021

Jupiter in Aquarius: Angela Pearl told who he will bring good luck in 2021

The impact of the planets determines the vector of their movement, and their energy can help in overcoming difficulties. In 2021, Jupiter will be the planet of happiness and luck, and the famous astrologer Angela Pearl shares her forecast for all Zodiac Signs.

In astrology, Jupiter is called the planet of great happiness, and from December 20 he entered the Sign of Aquarius for a whole year. Jupiter symbolizes luck, good fortune, unexpected opportunities and gifts of fate. His influence is the principle of expansion and increase, when there is growth, both in a career, and in personal life.

Angela Pearl notes that the influence of the planet will help, and if you do not hesitate, then all, without exception, representatives of the zodiac constellations will have the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Experts recommend using the advice of an astrologer to bring the necessary changes to life and start 2021 actively.

Jupiter will be in conjunction with Saturn, and the influence of this alliance will help you fight for your luck and good luck, leave in the past the tremors that hinder development. The astrologer advises to start working on yourself in order to get rid of blocks of consciousness, not to be afraid of the future and not to miss good opportunities.

From February 10 to February 14, Jupiter will be conjunct Venus, and many people will be able to find true love. These times are designated for the establishment of an individual life. On Valentine’s Day, many will be able to receive offers of the right hand and heart, as well as improve their financial posture, because Venus is responsible not only for happiness in personal life, but also for material well-being.

The planet Jupiter is a symbol of education, and in 2021 many will be able to start their studies, successfully pass exams, find a new profession and, thanks to the acquired skills, attract financial well-being.

Jupiter will remain upright until June 20 and then reverse into retrograde motion until October 18. This stage will be a waiting time and a little hitch. At this time, the astrologer does not recommend starting something new, and all plans must be carried out at the stage when the planet is in direct motion.

In 2021, everyone will be able to use the opportunities given from above for individual growth and development. You can see promising opportunities if you pay attention to the signs of fate and trust your intuition.

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