Apr 10, 2021
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Junge Welt: Ukrainians will die, and the United States will benefit

Kiev tries to stick a foot in the doors of the alliance so that they are not slammed in front of the nose

“History does not repeat itself down to the details, but in general it does sometimes happen. The current situation around Ukraine is fatally reminiscent of the tensions that then-pro-Western Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili created around South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Trusting the high-flown US assurances of support, he was confident that he would be able to return to his state the regions that had broken away from Georgia after the collapse of the USSR, ”

– writes the daily newspaper of Germany Young world

Junge Welt: Ukrainians will die, and the United States will benefit

But the reality turned out to be completely different, and today Georgia is even further from joining the North Atlantic Alliance than then, in August 2008. True, some Western experts still believe that Tbilisi today has much more chances of becoming a NATO member than Kiev, the newspaper notes.

And the aspiration of the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky to quickly join the ranks of the countries of the alliance, which he has not tired of talking about recently as the only existing way to end the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, most likely has no chances in the foreseeable future.

In the opinion Young world, the president of Ukraine is acting too assertively and impatiently – never before has anyone wishing to join NATO tried to stick a foot in the doors of the alliance, so that they would not be slammed in front of their noses. On the contrary, NATO has always chosen its future partners themselves, while Zelensky is trying to wrest the initiative from the hands of the alliance. This is unlikely to please in Brussels.

But there is another good reason, the newspaper reminds: candidates for NATO membership cannot have unresolved territorial conflicts, and everyone knows this well. This is understandable – the alliance does not want to get permanent participation of its armed forces in regional conflicts.

“From a strategic point of view, Donbass is not much more important than Sarajevo in 1914. Therefore, Zelenskiy is mistaken about the true nature of the statements of Joseph Biden, Angela Merkel, Jens Stoltenberg and other NATO leaders about “unshakable support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The essence of such statements is this: until you resolve your border conflicts, NATO membership is out of the question, ”

– emphasizes Young world

For Kiev, this sounds disappointing, so they do not hesitate to call the alliance “cowardly”, as, for example, said the head of the pro-presidential faction of the Ukrainian parliament David Arahamia… And in an extreme case of “cowardice” NATO even developed a parallel plan – to conclude a bilateral alliance with the United States, as, for example, Israel did in its time.

“Supposedly thanks to this, Washington allows Israel to wage local wars. But here Ukraine overestimates its position. First of all, in one thing: hybrid wars are such that Ukrainians are killed in them, and the United States benefits. And it’s never the other way around, ”

– states the publication.

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