Jun 24, 2021
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June 22: Happy New Years!

June 22: Happy New Years!

Photo: Danil Aikin / TASS

Congratulation Vladimir Uyb happy day of memory and sorrow “ in social networks has already been edited to “Appeal” with the blame for the “mistake” on some “executor”. That’s right, the head of the Komi Republic cannot give a blunder – not according to his rank.

Prior to that, Vladimir Uyba became famous for his statement to the villagers: “I am for you Putin! ”, But his higher-ranking namesake is also never mistaken, name at least one mistake by Putin personally, which would be widely discussed at the official level. It is that all the past rulers, starting with the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, had “errors”, and we were incredibly lucky with the current leadership – continuous “multi-moves” and “replaying”.

To the Chairman of the Ryazan City Duma, of course, from United Russia, Yulia Rokotyanskaya there is nothing to cover. She expressed herself by June 22, not in block letters, but in sounds from her lips (you cannot refer to the “performer”): “Happy holiday to all who are coming and thank you for your active work!”

With one word, she, apparently, still beguiled: it is known who attacked 80 years ago, it is unlikely that Rokotyanskaya deliberately wanted to fall under the article “for justification”. And with the second one? Yulia Vladimirovna explained: “The meeting of the thought lasted more than four hours, fatigue accumulated, which became the reason for the reservation”… Well, okay, let’s understand and forgive.

Yes, this, alas, happens, as, for example, last year the veterans of Orenburg were shown from the big screen a new date for the beginning of the Great Patriotic War – August 40, 1941. Later, officials explained that the video was prepared by the press service, without “Allocation of additional funds”… Probably, “Purely for a salary” it is impossible to write without error, there is no incentive.

Well, then the governor summed up Denis Pasler, I quote: “We would like every family to be affected by the war.” Again, we are all human, we are all human – not from evil, he is not, not from evil. And God is the judge Patriarch Kirill for his word on June 22, 2020: “On a significant, mournful, but at the same time solemn day – I cordially congratulate all of you!” Our celebration is on May 9, but not on June 22.

It is very strange, on the day of the 80th anniversary of the German attack, for the Russian president to publish in the German edition of Die Zeit. Merkel wrote to us in a Russian newspaper? Ah, I spoke on the phone with Putin. And I would like to be imbued with an appeal not only to him, but also to everyone else.

Returning to the article by Vladimir Vladimirovich “To be open, despite the past” – there are only a couple of first paragraphs about the last war, the rest is in the style of Leopold the cat: “Guys, let’s live together!” Nobody is against good intentions “for world peace and mutual benefit”, I’m just talking about a specific day – June 22. Someone thought it was a good reason?

By the way, (or inappropriate?) Remember who pulled the Nord Stream before the Americans threatened? Pioneering spirit pipelayer, flagship of family-founded Allseas Heerema – father served in the Waffen-SS, son Edward wanted to name the ship Pioneering spirit in his honor. And only because of the scandal of Jewish organizations he changed his mind.

Typically, when the “imported” pipelayer stopped laying because of the announced sanctions, the remaining kilometers of Nord Stream were barely completed at a snail’s pace, instead of quickly completing while the American White House was undergoing a presidential “shift change.” And this is in the most, it would seem, technologically “advanced” – the resource sector of the Russian economy, certainly “financially secure”. Alas and ah! With such independent capabilities and abilities, without “foreign partners” like the Heerem family, one cannot do, so it is really better not to “stir up” the past.

However, one should not reproach the Russian authorities for “failing” at all, it depends on the task. On the eve of June 22, 2021, Rosstat recorded a reduction in pensioners in the anti-Soviet state – a record in the history of available statistics since 1998. Over the past two years, minus 1.27 million.

The reasons are supermortality (in this indicator, the dead, both from “covid” – from a third to a half, and from the “fight against covid” itself). And raising the retirement age, “optimizing” costs. The Latin optimus was not always used in the sense of “the best”, but also as “To know” – in the sense of the privileged elite. Maybe not by chance, some representatives of this very top on June 22 told us “Happy Holidays!” What would I say Kiselev to this “fall of owls”?

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