Nov 8, 2021
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Julia Vysotskaya’s husband ruined the marriage because of his exactingness


The husband of the actress and presenter Yulia Vysotskaya, Andrei Konchalovsky was married four times.

Before the wedding with Yulia Vysotskaya, director Andrei Konchalovsky tried four times to build strong family happiness.

The second wife of the filmmaker was Natalya Arinbasarova, who gave birth to his son Yegor. Their acquaintance happened on the set of the film “The First Teacher”. The aspiring actress at that time was only 17 years old, and Konchalovsky was married to the ballerina Irina Kandat. However, these circumstances did not prevent the beginning of the 26-year-old director’s romance with the young artist.

In her new interview, Arinbasarova shared her memories of the years she lived together with the father of her son. According to her, it was hard for her to live with a master immersed in work, who turned out to be very demanding in everyday life.

Living with a talented person is not easy. You will turn into a “give-bring”. All the time I was making apple mousse, and for that I had to peel two kilograms of apples. There were no blenders, but he asked to do it every day“, – said Arinbasarova in the show” The Fate of a Man “on the channel Russia-1.

Julia Vysotskaya with her husband
Julia Vysotskaya with her husband

She honestly admitted that their relationship did not collapse overnight. This happened gradually. When mutual understanding disappeared completely, Arinbasarova realized that this would inevitably lead to betrayal, but she did not want to become a victim of betrayal.

Everything began to crumble. I realized that it was either all or nothing. He would not dare to divorce me and leave me with a small child, but I myself decided to leave“, – said the actress about the divorce from the director.

Recall that Konchalovsky’s current wife, TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya, also recently admitted that their marriage is not ideal. However, over 20 years of family life, the spouses have learned to find compromises in relationships. The couple was united by the common grief – the accident in 2013, as a result of which their daughter Maria was seriously injured. Konchalovsky says that the complete rehabilitation of his heiress has become the meaning of his life.

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