Oct 12, 2021
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Julia Vysotskaya admitted that it is not easy for her to live with her husband


Leading and actress Julia Vysotskaya spoke about life with Andrei Konchalovsky.

47-year-old Vysotskaya, in a conversation with publicist Dmitry Bykov, spoke frankly about her eminent wife. According to the actress, working with him is much easier than living. Over the years together, she and her husband had different periods – from violent passion to serious problems, from ups and downs to world recognition. But every time they were together. “We, no matter how strange it may sound, are dear people. And we realized this early when we met. We could break up at some moments, something could happen, but we are close. This is some kind of incredible connection“, – Yulia admits frankly.

Julia Vysotskaya with her husband
Julia Vysotskaya with her husband

Many are surprised that the famous director, given his loving nature, is so faithful to his marriage to Vysotskaya. But this is not unusual, according to Julia, because they have common interests and goals, to which they go together.

The blonde tries not to think about her husband’s past, and he himself seems to have crossed out everything that came before his wife. “Konchalovsky once discussed his personal life in a book and regrets it, but does not admit it“, – says the actress in the YouTube show” Pathetic substitution of literature. “

Now the couple is working on a new project, raising their son Peter, who entered the university and is already on the verge of his 18th birthday. The father opposes the heir to go to the cinema, so the young man will receive another profession. At the same time, Peter and dad are very close – and Vysotskaya is glad that there is such a close connection between them.

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