Nov 15, 2021
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Julia Snigir showed a beach photo in a swimsuit, grown up son and mother


38-year-old actress Yulia Snigir, after a week’s break, got in touch with fans and shared her vacation photos.

Yulia Snigir rested for a week in a southern resort with her mother Svetlana Leonidovna Siriskina and her 5-year-old son Fedor. The actress’s mother helps her raise her son. Sirisina quit her job and moved to Moscow to look after her grandson.

Snigir enjoyed relaxing in warm lands and did not communicate with fans on Instagram. Today Julia decided to show her tan and shared a beach shot in which she posed in a striped swimsuit with a bodice in the form of cat ears. A straw hat and sunglasses complemented the look.

Then Snigir published new pictures of 5-year-old Fedor. Julia photographed her son during lunch. Fedor in a khaki T-shirt and a panama hat is captured at the table. The boy covered his eyes with his mother’s sunglasses.

Yulia Snigir Fedor Tsyganov
Yulia Snigir Fedor Tsyganov

Returned from Instagram detox 🤘🏻“, – signed the photo Snigir.

Julia also captured her mother on vacation, as well as her walk with her grandson.

Svetlana Siriskina with her grandson Fedor
Svetlana Siriskina with her grandson Fedor

Julia’s fans responded to the beach photo, especially since the actress rarely shows a figure in a swimsuit. “Gorgeous! Gorgeous figure “,” Julia, everything is beautiful in you: both body and soul “,” Sexy skinny girl in a swimsuit! “,” The kid is a copy of dad “,” How Fedor grew“, – wrote the fans.

The actress’s husband, Evgeny Tsyganov, remained in Moscow. Julia gave birth to Fedor in 2016, and three years later she officially married Tsyganov. Evgeny also has seven children from a previous relationship with Irina Leonova. Fedor communicates with his brothers and sisters.

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