Oct 20, 2021
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Julia Peresild spoke about space traditions


Actress Julia Peresild spent almost two weeks in space.

The artist and Klim Shipenko returned from space on 17 October. There they filmed a movie under the working title “The Challenge.” According to the plot of the picture, a woman surgeon, whose role went to Julia, flew to the ISS to carry out a complex operation. Upon her return, the actress told the details.

There is such a tradition on the ISS – to fly to each other for dinner every week. Was great. Very funny and touching. Everyone comes to visit with their own. They take a bag, put canned food, warm it up in advance, fly there. The can flies in a circle, everyone tries it with a spoon.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild

The guys, of course, have other dishes – very tasty desserts. We got to know everyone, it was interesting for them to communicate with us. Without any background. The ISS is such a big space family. Regardless of the nations“, – said the actress at a press conference.

We add that the work on the film “Challenge” will go on until the end of 2022.

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