Oct 30, 2021
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Julia Peresild showed a figure in a fashionable swimsuit in a photo from the Maldives


Actress Julia Peresild is resting with her daughters in the Maldives. Andrei Burkovsky helped her organize this trip, and now she is absolutely happy.

Julia Peresild does not hide that she was born in Pskov and became an actress at a young age. But she did not suspect that she would become one of the first to act in films in Space. This year, Yulia, together with Klim Shipenko, took part in the filming of episodes of the feature film “Challenge”. She spent almost two weeks on the International Space Station, and then successfully returned to Earth.

Earlier, Julia showed how she was reunited with her daughters Anna and Maria. But now she took a vacation and went to the Maldives. Andrei Burkovsky not only recommended her to rest, but also helped her with this.

The astronaut actress has already shared a photo in a fashionable sky blue swimsuit with a high waist. This bikini has a slimming effect, as it makes the belly flatter. Peresild showed off a wasp waist and chiseled hips. She posed on a sandy beach against the backdrop of the ocean.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild

Why do I so rarely allow myself to rest? This is mistake. I admit. How much I am depriving myself … Ocean … air … beauty around. Near children, parents … absolute Happiness💙“, – admitted the star.

Fans admired how the actress looks. Many gave her compliments. “So I had to fly into space to understand. And that’s good ”,“ Wonderful rest, our cosmic Yulechka ”,“ Yulia, you are lovely! ”,“ Beauty. Simply space. In the literal sense ”,“ Yulenka, you need unloading. We need to gain strength. Strength is needed for new wonderful roles“, – the subscribers commented on the post.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild moves around the island by bicycle

By the way, Yulia said that everyone on the island uses bicycles, and she really likes it. She also admitted that it was the first time she swam in the ocean. Previously, she only saw the ocean during the US trains, but she did not have a chance to swim.

The eldest daughter of the actress also shared her impressions of the holiday.

Anna Peresild
Anna Peresild

That’s how we live ! 😂Drank, ate, and swim 😂 Honestly about now on a high! The climate is incredible! And most importantly, all of mine are near 💓 What else do you need to be happy? I think nothing🌊“, – admitted 12-year-old Anna Peresild.

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