Aug 6, 2022
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Julia Peresild shared a photo in a swimsuit from a holiday in Greece


Actress and cosmonaut Julia Peresild has chosen the Greek island of Crete for her vacation and has been staying at the same hotel for 10 years.

The famous actress, founder of the Galchonok charity fund, Yulia Peresild, is raising two children from director Alexei Uchitel. Together with Anna and Maria, the artist flew to Crete.

She published a photo in a bathing suit on her personal blog, admitting that she dreamed of a vacation. And the eldest daughter of a celebrity said that they have been resting in the same hotel for 10 years in a row. By the way, Anna has already managed to act in films in 5 projects.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild

Vacation. Children. Sea. Hasty conversations. Meeting with old friends. Sun. Sand. So that there is something to remember in the snowy cold winter!“- wrote the actress.

Anna Peresild
Anna Peresild

Kriit! I missed you, very much ❤️ I missed this incredible sea, these sunsets, delicious food, but I missed everything! And it would seem, for 10 years, in one hotel, boring! No. Every time I come here, I do not live what I lived on the last trip, everything is like the first time! And from this I trudge”, Anna Peresild admitted.

Recall that the father of celebrity children is director Alexei Uchitel. Yulia Peresild hid her relationship with him for 10 years. By the way, girls don’t have their father’s last name. Anya and Masha inherited only patronymics from their father.

By the way, the artist recently admitted that she broke up with the father of her daughters. Julia Peresild does not interfere with Alexei Uchitel’s meetings with children. The celebrity is well aware that Anya and Masha really need a dad.

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