Oct 12, 2021
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Julia Peresild in space will eat in a new way


Actress Yulia Peresild is filming in space on the ISS.

Many people imagine astronauts’ food in the form of tubes of liquid food. However, such a menu is a thing of the past. Today, astronauts eat ordinary foods that they ate at home in their usual form.

Therefore, Peresild and Shipenko will do without canned food and tasteless food. Now the actress and director will have to move more in order not to gain extra pounds. This is what Julia is very afraid of.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild

Space food is vacuum freeze-dried hydrated food. You can now go to absolutely any store and buy yourself a piece of meat in a vacuum package – this is how it looks. Any bag of dried porridge, for example, with oatmeal, can be prepared by simply adding water there.“, – said Pavel Gaiduk, methodologist of the Museum of Cosmonautics.

The tube, unlike the bag, is very, very heavy. The logic is that the less the package mass, the better for space. In order to deliver one kilogram there, you need to spend thousands of dollars! That is why, as soon as water-dispensing devices appeared on orbital stations and spaceships, systems of the “Spring” or “Cold” type, they began to make food for them – dehydrated bags“, – explained Gaiduk to

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