Oct 18, 2021
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Julia Peresild complained about her grave condition after a space flight


Actress Julia Peresild admitted that everything seems difficult after weightlessness.

The artist and director Klim Shipenko became the first Russian stars who flew into space. The celebrities stayed on the ISS for 12 days to shoot an episode for a film about a woman doctor who underwent complex heart surgery for emergency help to an astronaut.

The day before, Yulia and Klim successfully landed in Kazakhstan, where they were met by the military and special equipment. At first, Peresild said that everything was fine with her. She was even sad that she had been in space for so little time.

Nevertheless, after the flight, the actress will be rehabilitated. In fact, after landing, the artist looked tired, and after that she complained about feeling unwell.

Julia Perevild
Julia Peresild

If in zero gravity you feel like a feather, then everything here is very heavy, the head is very heavy, arms, legs – everything is a little dizzy. Flying into space is a lot of stress. When the parachute opens when descending to the ground, the capsule spins up like that … All this cannot be compared with simulators. While you can’t turn your head, get up abruptly, and it’s very difficult to walk“, – Julia shared with” RT “. Before getting home, Peresild and Shipenko will undergo rehabilitation for several days. This will be done by specialists from the Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City.

The actress also talked about how she had to work in a state of zero gravity. The star noted that all actions took place on the brink of human capabilities. However, she and the director managed to shoot even more than originally planned. In the course of filming, new scenes were invented, and the written moments in the script managed to be detailed even more.

Peresild added that she still has to rethink everything that happened in space. However, she already now says that everything was not happening at all the way it was during the exercises. Moreover, according to Yulia, in-flight training was done in the shortest possible time (only four months), while real cosmonauts undergo training for at least a year.

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