Jun 24, 2022
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Julia Menshova uses a pseudonym


Actress and presenter Yulia Menshova admitted that she was getting a call from the prosecutor’s office.

The artist is attacked by phone scammers. According to the actress, the attackers obtained access to her phone number and personal data from databases that were recently leaked to the Web. We are talking about data leakage of popular food delivery services.

However, to circle the actress around her finger (even with the help of threats from the “organs”) was not so easy. Julia said that she protected herself from such divorces for money with the help of a little deception.

As it turned out, Menshova did not indicate her real name when registering in applications. Thus, by the way, the artist figured out from which databases the scammers took her data.

Yulia Menshova - photo from the archive -
Yulia Menshova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I understand this for sure, because I was registered there under a different name. And it is by this name that they address me. Calls on behalf of the tax and even the investigative committee, the embezzlement department. In short, be on the lookout“, Menshova warns.

Recall that recently another star of Russian show business Larisa Guzeeva “hit” eight million rubles. The presenter was deceived by a furniture company that did not fulfill its obligations under the contract. In order to deal with the offenders in court, the main matchmaker of the country even interrupted her vacation in Bulgaria.

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