Jun 30, 2020
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Julia Kovalchuk has pleased many fans of slim figure

Famous Russian singer Julia Kovalchuk exercise and loves to swim in the pool. Recently, she showed followers her slim figure.

Julia Kovalchuk has pleased many fans of slim figure

Former lead singer of the popular musical group "Brilliant" Yulia Kovalchuk seven years living in a marriage with a colleague in the creative workshop of Alexey Chumakov. Wife for a long time wanted a baby and now in its third year has a daughter who was named Amelia. Often the family goes on holiday to Italy for his own country, but most of the time parents spend in Moscow region in a beautiful cottage with many rooms and a swimming pool.

Being in isolation, Yuliya Kovalchuk continued to closely monitor him. When came the summer season, well-known local singer constantly trying to sunbathe, swim in the pool, not forgetting to demonstrate many fans own slim body. According to fans, the star looks so beautiful that I can not believe in her previous pregnancy and, therefore, significant changes in the body. Meanwhile, the star singer does not deny itself anything: it sometimes consumes alcoholic beverages, confectionery and prepare sweets. The followers came to the surprise that the ex-soloist of "Brilliant" cooks in the kitchen, glad for Alexey Chumakov, who is surrounded by care and attention, reports "Globals".

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