Dec 28, 2020
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Julia Kovalchuk decided to talk about her daughter

Julia Kovalchuk decided to talk about her daughter

38-year-old singer Yulia Kovalchuk admitted that she pushed her career into the background.

The artist prefers not to share the details of her personal life. The singer rarely talks about her husband and about her three-year-old daughter Amelia, whom she still hides from prying eyes.

My daughter only watches Soviet cartoons, which do not carry any kind of emotional background. Of course, we give her the phone too. She even takes it and starts talking. Repeats after us. But she knows that the phone is needed only for work and for communication with loved ones, well, or suddenly take photos and videos“, – the performer broke the silence in the program” When all are at home “of the channel” Russia 1 “.

The artist stressed that she had long since put her career on the back burner. Now Julia is focused exclusively on the family. “I used to write songs in large proportions. Now there are a lot of new everyday worries that fall on me. Still, the role of mom is more important to me than being a singer, TV presenter“, – said Kovalchuk.

Julia Kovalchuk with her husband -
Julia Kovalchuk with her husband –

Alexey Chumakov adheres to the same views on life. The 39-year-old musician noted that there is nothing more dear to him than his family.

Are you able to put your life on creativity or is creativity on life … Julia and I put creativity on life. For us, life is the foundation, and creativity is a cute blanket that you can warm up with, you can put off, play around and even enjoy. There are artists who put their lives on creativity. For them, creativity is a personal success, a foundation. And life is that blanket. Julia and I belong to the first category, which is probably why we are not in the charts. But people who think with their hearts are still with us, there are a lot of them“, – said the singer.

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