Jan 12, 2022
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Julia Baranovskaya spoke about the relationship with Leps


TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya commented on rumors about sex with Grigory Leps.

Yulia Baranovskaya responded to rumors that she was somehow connected with the divorce of Grigory Leps. The singer broke up with his wife Anna Shaplykova at the end of last year. At first, they wrote that the marriage collapsed due to the betrayal of the artist’s young wife. Then there was a rumor about the participation of the host of Channel One in the separation of the couple.

In an interview with reporters, Yulia commented on the scandalous statement of Milena Deynega, who said the other day that Leps “slept with Baranovskaya.” The TV star denied rumors of an affair with the artist and asked the media representatives not to bother her with calls.

Julia Baranovskaya
Julia Baranovskaya

Well, let’s call this singer, call someone else, what are you calling me?“- Baranovskaya was perplexed in a conversation with By the way, the presenter can sue the artist if she can prove that she was slandered. In this case, Deynega can pay for bold speculations about someone else’s personal life.

Meanwhile, Leps categorically refuses to answer questions about his divorce. Rumor has it that Shaplykova could actually have filed for divorce to force her husband to stop drinking. In December, the singer received treatment at the clinic. They wrote that the booze became the reason for Leps’s hospitalization, but the artist himself insists on a different version – he allegedly had a hypertensive crisis.

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