Apr 3, 2021
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Julia Baranovskaya congratulated her daughter from Andrei Arshavin on her birthday by publishing archival photographs with the girl

13:47, 04/03/2021

Yana is 13 years old.

Today, March 3, the daughter celebrates her birthday Yulia Baranovskaya and Andrey ArshavinJane turned 13 years old. The girl’s star mother touchingly congratulated the child on a special date in her microblog on Instagram. In addition to warm words addressed to Yana, Yulia also published several archival photographs with her offspring.

“My love. My Yanochka, my girl, my strength, my happiness, my wisdom, my soul, my heart, my life, happy birthday, dear. I have always dreamed of such a daughter, thank you for the happiness of being your mother. Yanochka, my girl, you will succeed in everything in your life, I know this for sure, never be afraid – your mother is there, ”wrote Baranovskaya (the spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes hereinafter. – Prim. line.). The TV presenter added that she was praying for her daughter and especially for the girl’s health. In the comments, some representatives of show business joined Yulia’s wishes. Among those who congratulated Yana and her star mother were Alexander Tolmatsky, Ekaterina Odintsova, Ekaterina Guseva and other stars.

Julia Baranovskaya with her daughter

Recall that the relationship of Yulia Baranovskaya with her daughter’s father, footballer Andrei Arshavin, lasted almost ten years. The couple started dating in 2003. In addition to Yana, Julia gave Andrei two more sons – a 15-year-old Artem and eight year old Arseny… However, the TV presenter and the football player never formalized their union, and in 2013 they parted, despite three common offspring. Moreover, according to Baranovskaya, Andrei left her and stopped helping the children financially.

Litigation over Arshavin’s alimony is still dragging on. Last year, the footballer went to court and achieved a reduction in the amount of alimony for children from Yulia from 50 percent of his income to ⅜ of the share. However, this decision did not suit Baranovskaya – the TV presenter filed an appeal. As Andrei’s spokesman said earlier, a hearing on the alimony case was scheduled for April 22. Last month Baranovskaya toldthat her appeal was lost in the office, but, according to the star, in the end, the document was found.

Andrey Arshavin and children from Yulia Baranovskaya

It should be added that in addition to alimony for children from Baranovskaya, Arshavin also allocates funds for the maintenance of his daughter from a journalist Alisa Kazmina, whom Andrei married shortly after breaking up with Julia. Note that before the end of a career in professional sports, the income of the star was much higher – every month the footballer transferred about five million rubles to his sons and daughters from Julia. Immediately after leaving the sport, Arshavin had already managed to convince the court to reduce alimony, but later the athlete filed a repeated petition to reduce the amount of payments.

In addition to Andrey’s reluctance to pay large alimony, the athlete also does not seek to see his children more often. Both Baranovskaya and Kazmina stated that their former beloved extreme rarely communicates with their offspring. For example, Arshavin has not seen Yana, Arseny and Artyom for more than five years. Only in 2019, the footballer decided to start communicating with his daughter and son from Julia again. Andrei also prefers not to meet with ex-darlings. For six years after parting, Arshavin and Baranovskaya saw each other only once… The footballer called the meeting with the TV presenter unpleasant, and also said that he would not like to meet his former lover at all.

Andrey Arshavin with Alisa Kazmina

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