Oct 12, 2021
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Julia Baranovskaya admitted who was the main man in her life


Leading Julia Baranovskaya is still going through parting with him.

Communicating with the singer Slava, 36-year-old Baranovskaya decided on a frank confession. It turns out that even when she lived with the Zenith star Andrei Arshavin, she missed a very dear man named Maxim.

The most difficult parting I had was not the one that the whole country knows about. I broke up with a friend, a close friend. I quietly stayed with him to spend the night, we slept on the same bed under different blankets … He did a lot for me, came on March 8, congratulated. He was a “roof” for me and my friends“, – said the TV presenter in the Sberzvuk podcast.

Julia Baranovskaya
Julia Baranovskaya

She described in detail her relationship with the group of guys who helped her survive in the 90s. Her benefactor’s name was Maxim, apparently, he was very kind to Julia, helped her and her friends in different situations. The girl was flattered that the authority shows signs of attention. But then, as Baranovskaya now admits, she caught the star. “I offended him, but he simply did not forgive me. And many years have passed. It was then that I realized – it’s easier when you are offended, and not you“, – admits the star of the First Channel.

It is not clear whether Baranovskaya tried to make peace with her friend, but one thing is clear: she could not let go of the situation. Even now, when many years have passed, she remembers Maxim every now and then. “We already lived with Andrey, the first child appeared, the second, the third, but all the time I returned to him mentally. Yes, I didn’t love him as a man, but I often thought: “If there were Max now, he would tell me what to do”. I heard a lot of worldly wisdom from him“, – shared Baranovskaya.

During the broadcast, Slava invited Julia to meet with him on her next trip to St. Petersburg and remember the past, to which the TV presenter agreed.

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