Jan 25, 2021
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Julia Baranovskaya abruptly changed her image

08:03, 25.01.2021

35-year-old TV presenter posted a photo with a new hairstyle.

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Julia Baranovskaya is known not only as a TV presenter, but also as the ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin, in a civil marriage with whom the athlete had children Artem, Yana and Arseny. After parting with the TV personality, the football star started a new family. Arshavin’s chosen one was journalist Alisa Kazmina, who gave her husband another child – a daughter Yesenia… A couple of years ago, Andrei and Alice broke up. The divorce of the spouses was accompanied by scandals related to the betrayal of the ex-Zenit player. And last year, the footballer even wanted to evict his ex-wife and child from his apartment in St. Petersburg through court. Disputes continued over alimony for children from Baranovskaya.

Julia Baranovskaya with children from Andrey Arshavin

In November 2020, the court reduced the amount of alimony payments to Arshavin’s ex-wife. Baranovskaya was not delighted and continues to defend the interests of her sons and daughter through the courts, as she believes that her ex-husband has enough time to get another job, and not spend it on trips to the authorities. Over the previous year, Julia herself was able to save up for a luxurious mansion on Rublevka, where she moved to live with children from an athlete last summer. According to media reports, each member of the host’s family now has their own room. In addition, the mansion worth 73 million rubles has several bathrooms, a large living room, panoramic windows and a large plot in the courtyard where the star has equipped a playground.

Against the background of such vital activity, Yulia Baranovskaya published a photo with a change of image. The TV personality showed that she is in great shape, and that the curls proposed by the stylist suit her. The author of the publication did not go into details, emphasizing that she did her hair for the evening. Yana Rudkovskaya and Dmitry Guberniev noted in the comments below the picture, confirming that the new image makes an impression.

Yulia Baranovskaya showed herself in a new image

It is noteworthy that the recent rival of Baranovskaya, Alisa Kazmina, has been experiencing health problems in the past few months that affect her appearance. More than a week ago, a 38-year-old journalist shared a revelation, saying that due to an autoimmune disease, she had to undergo several operations, and then hide her changed face from strangers. Arshavin’s ex-wife does not exclude that she was damaged. However, it is believed that Alice’s appearance problem was not due to illness, but was the result of unsuccessful plastic surgeries. This possibility is not excluded by cosmetologist Margarita Mozaleva, who suggested that the abuse of fillers could provoke a similar reaction of the body. Kazmina herself either did not know that with her peculiarities of the body there could be complications, or did not pay attention to it.

Alisa Kazmina

Her mother and children support Kazmina in her illness. Despite the progressive illness, Alice herself takes care of the three offspring: she takes them to school and kindergarten, and then goes to the hospital. According to the journalist, the father of her three-year-old daughter does not take part in the child’s life. But her first husband does not refuse help Alexey Kazmin, from whom she and her two children went to Andrei. Now Alice’s ex-husband is happily married, but he did not abandon his ailing former lover in trouble. After all that happened, Kazmina, according to her, regrets that she left him and asks for forgiveness for destroying the family and “breaking the life” of their common children.

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