Sep 17, 2020
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Juana Guaidovskaya, or the leaders of the Belomaidan take off their masks

After Lukashenko's visit to Russia, the Belarusian opposition asked the West for "3-4 billion"

It seems that everything is already clear with the goals and meanings of the Belomaidan, and only absolutely naive people continue to think that the protests set the task of the so-called fair elections after Alexander Lukashenko's ouster from power.

The Opposition Coordination Council has arrogated to itself the exclusive right to represent the interests of, if not the entire Belarusian people (remember “YAMy 97%”?), Then that part of it that protests, and this is about a hundred thousand people in Minsk and the provinces. The crowds of White Maidans, of course, are impressive, but this is not 97%, not 50% or even 20%. What is happening in Belarus is another “revolution of the minority,” which declares itself to be the majority, but is not going to act in the interests of the majority.

The White Maidans see everything in the rosy light of certain freedoms, and therefore they organize street actions, as if not noticing that the goals of the organizers and coordinators of the protest have already been exposed, they are clear. And people under the BCHB-ensigns, without hiding, are led by the very path that led the crowd in Kiev at the turn of 2013-2014.

Peaceful protesters believe that everything is different from what it was in Ukraine

Peaceful protesters believe that everything is different from what it was in Ukraine

The face of Belarusian protests - nationalist Nina Boginskaya - has been protesting since 1988.

The face of the Belarusian protests is the nationalist Nina Boginskaya, who has been protesting since 1988.

The leaders of the Belomaidan run not somewhere to Cuba, to Kazakhstan or, for example, to China - they run to the West or to Ukraine and there they go through the hands of the haters ... no, not Lukashenka, but Russia and the allied Belarusian-Russian relations. Tikhanovskaya even noted a joint photo with Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL), this vulture of war, who always flies to the smell of blood, which certainly accompanies "peaceful protests." "Onizhedeti" Belarusian streets may not understand where their marches and demarches are leading, but those who stand behind the "girls in white" running after riot police officers and after the preschoolers chanting "LukafromYenko - to the paddy wagon "

Juana Guaidowska and the Warbringer - BHL

Juana Guaidowska and the Warbringer - BHL

And after Alexander Lukashenko's trip to Russia, to meet with Vladimir Putin, the Belarusian opposition stopped camouflaging its goals altogether. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who was recognized in Lithuania as Belarusian Juan Guaido, stated from the height of her mythical position: “I want to remind Vladimir Putin: whatever you accept and whatever you agree on, it will not have legal force. All agreements signed with illegitimate Lukashenka will be reviewed by the new government "... She also believes that Belarus should not give a loan of $ 1.5 billion provided by Russia: they say, it is Lukashenka who takes the money, not the Belarusian people. A familiar Ukrainian scheme: exactly as the "new government" of Belarus, appointed by Lithuania, proposed, the "new government" of Ukraine, appointed by Washington, did, refusing to return the state loan granted by Russia to Ukraine under Yanukovych.

Tikhanovskaya follows Poroshenko with his "It is unfair to demand that these payments be returned from Ukraine"... With the only difference that the West succeeded in the "revolution of hydrology" in Ukraine, and Poroshenko did not have to portray the president in exile from Poland - through the procedure of "fair elections" (of course, rigged), the directors of the Maidan made him the head of state, now the poorest in Europe. but with American bombers in the sky, the presence of NATO troops on the ground and the war with Donbass near the Russian border. Even if Tikhanovskaya herself does not think about such prospects for Belarus, there are those who think for her. That is why the Belarusian Juan Guaido broadcasts from Lithuania and moonlights as a columnist in Washington Post, and the head of the EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, speaking at a session of the European Parliament, says: “We… consider Lukashenka as illegitimate president of Ukraine”...

Yes, exactly Ukraine, the reservation is not accidental: Borrell sees no difference between the Ukrainian and Belarusian scenarios for a change of power. The world has changed so much that neither Borrell's revelations nor the “valuable instructions” of Vilnius and Warsaw to Minsk are surprising.

The Russian loan became the reason for the statement of Pavel Latushko, member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition: “We expect from the EU, in fact, an action plan to support the democratization of Belarus. There should be a package of measures, not this $ 1.5 billion proposed by the eastern country, but real financial assistance to stabilize the situation within 3-4 billion ... "

The Belarusian revolutionaries begin in a very Poroshenko-style way: all over the world with outstretched hand: throw yourself off, good people, for democracy. And yet, not even a month has passed since this council proudly announced that it would not accept any foreign aid. And now, within a few weeks, there appeared appetites to master "3-4 billion" and an "action plan" for them from the EU. Where is sovereignty here, ask? Don't ask. A playful company of "coordinators" is waiting for instructions from Europe and, of course, big money. Nothing new.

It is very good that after the meeting between Lukashenka and Putin, the main figures of the Belarusian protests outlined their position: to ask for money from the West and reject Russian support for the Belarusian economy. It is better to get rid of illusions from the very beginning for those who still have them in relation to the deep meanings and goals of the Belomaidan. A minority led by the West is breaking into states friendly to Russia. Now they decided to hack Belarus.

Meanwhile, the joint military exercises "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020" have started in Belarus; their first stage will last until September 25. From Russia, the units of the Guards Airborne Assault Regiment of the Pskov Guards Airborne Force formations participate. “On behalf of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, servicemen of the 38th separate guards airborne assault brigade of special operations forces take part in the exercise. In total, up to 1,500 servicemen, over 150 units of aviation, combat and special equipment will be involved in practical actions. After the completion of the exercise, Russian servicemen will return to their homeland. ", - says the message of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus. At the same time, Belarusian servicemen are taking part in the Caucasus-2020 exercise in Russia. And in October in the Vitebsk region, the exercises “Indestructible Brotherhood - 2020; in them, in addition to the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, the military of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will take part.

And on the border of Belarus with Ukraine they dance Hasidim - they are not allowed to enter Uman under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic; at the same time, the Belarusian oppositionists, spreading across the countries supporting White Maidan, are received without problems from neighbors who are really covered COVID-19...

The situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

Life in Belarus goes on as usual, albeit to the accompaniment of protests. Judging by the results of the meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Sochi, plans to strengthen Russian-Belarusian relations are on the agenda. It will be possible to speak with confidence about their prospects only when it becomes finally clear how sobered the leadership of Belarus was the Belomaydan, whose main goal is not to remove Lukashenka from power, but to destroy the foundations of the Belarusian state with the task of building on its ruins a semblance of a new BNR.

So far, it seems, has sobered. So the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus is responding to Josep Borrel's attack in a way that he would never have answered before: “We held elections, albeit according to some lofty canons and imperfect, but the people with their majority - it's hard to question today - determined their winner. I would like to understand on what basis the EU representatives put themselves on a par with the Belarusian people and consider themselves entitled to single-handedly pass verdicts on the acceptability of the election results for Belarusians. For me, these values ​​are definitely not equal. And, in principle, what will the world come to if every external player begins to directly dispute the results of the election process in other countries? This is how we understand democracy - to accept the opinion of the majority, and not to use all available means and technologies to remake them for ourselves "...

And not a word about multi-vector.

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