Sep 14, 2020
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Journalist: The Kremlin likes the idea of ​​”Finlandizing” Belarus

On September 14, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko met for the first time after the elections in Belarus to talk frankly about the situation in the republic. The author of the Polish edition of Onet, Witold Jurash, pondered what to expect from the close cooperation of the two presidents.

Putin and Lukashenko talked in Sochi for four hours. During this time, the presidents managed to discuss trade and economic relations between Russia and Belarus, and also agreed to intensify the work of the intergovernmental commission. In addition, the leader of the republic announced the need to train the armies of the two countries to repel external aggression.

According to the Polish observer, in the current situation, Lukashenko is taking advantage of the Kremlin's desire to complete the process of integration with Belarus. Now Alexander Grigorievich plans to get closer to Russia and abandon the Western vector, and then, as in 2010, restore relations with Europe and, as always, forget the promises made to Moscow.

However, this time he cannot afford such a scenario, says Yurash. First, the economic situation in the republic is deplorable. Secondly, Putin is tired of Lukashenka. The President of Russia has no choice but to "pin his colleague against the wall" and achieve integration.

Many Western politicians are now talking about the benefits of the Kremlin in the situation in Belarus, touching on the topic of Finlandization of the republic, because relations between Moscow and Minsk now resemble the Russian Empire and Finland. Let us recall that these territories were one state for a long time.

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