Sep 14, 2020
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Journalist: Lukashenko will try to fool Putin at the upcoming meeting

On Monday, August 14, negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko will take place. Alexey Venediktov, editor-in-chief of the radio station "Echo of Moscow", discussed how the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus will be held.

According to the journalist, Alexander Lukashenko "will try to fool" Vladimir Putin. The Belarusian leader will promise to make concessions, and will probably even give up the republic's sovereignty. "I think that he insists on this in the public zone," said the chief editor of Echo of Moscow.

At the same time, Lukashenka will bargain. The head of Belarus will try to convince Putin that he is the only adequate politician with whom an agreement can be made. "You need me like that. And if not me, then who?", The journalist voiced the president's thoughts.

Venediktov doubted that politicians would make any important decisions on Monday. The chief editor of "Echo of Moscow" recommended to the Belarusian people "not to raise hopes." The talks between the two presidents are unlikely to have a positive effect on resolving the crisis in Belarus.

The journalist also commented on the intensification of repression in the republic. Alexander Lukashenko wanted to show his colleague that the situation in the country is completely under control. The power structures and some of the citizens are loyal to their leader. "This is an increase in the stakes in the game with Vladimir Putin," Venediktov said.

Let us remind you that the protests in Belarus have not subsided for several weeks. Hundreds of citizens take to the streets every day, demanding the immediate resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. They accuse the country's leadership of falsifying the presidential election results.

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