Nov 16, 2021
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Joseph Prigogine spoke about the attempt on the life of Abraham Russo


Producer Joseph Prigogine told how much money was missing from the safe.

Lera Kudryavtseva, host of the “Secret to a Million” show on NTV, was surprised when she heard Russo’s revelations. Abraham is now participating in a new popular show and, as many celebrities think, decided to hyip and recall long-standing conflicts that have already been exhausted.

For example, Joseph Prigogine heard a lot of new things about himself. But until recently, the singer came to him and asked for forgiveness for having slandered him.

To order someone or deliver other “troubles”, there must be a motive. What motive could I have? I worked with Russo as a guest manager. It was Telman Ismailov who invited me and paid for my production services.“, – the legend of show business recalls.

Abraham Russo
Abraham Russo

According to Prigozhin, then Ismailov proposed to solve everything “according to concepts”: put all earnings in a safe, and then divide. Joseph decided on the shore to agree on 15% of the dues, but Telman himself wanted to give him 20%!

As a result, there were two keys from the safe, where the common money lay: one from Thälmann, the other from Rousseau. Telman once opened the safe and found that there was no money, and Abraham Russo suddenly left for Cyprus. There was 500 thousand dollars in the safe! Let Rousseau prove that he did not take this money. Yes, Thälmann humiliated Abraham, and I even got into a fight with him because of Rousseau. And then Abraham and my friend took a million dollars to cover the debts. I asked for forgiveness and immediately the money “for promotion”. He says one thing to his eyes, another to his eyes. Well, just a scoundrel!“- Prigozhin is indignant at” Arguments and Facts “.

Interestingly, twice already Rousseau came to put up with Joseph with the words “who remembers the old, he will be out of sight.” But even after the feast and reconciliation, Abraham “throws” friends and those who once made him famous. “With us, this is already the “third series”. What is this anyway? Does he lack money, attention? When money is bad, does he take out an old bagpipe? How will he look into our eyes after that ?! This is the only person to whom I will never shake hands again in my life.“, – said the famous producer.

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