Nov 15, 2021
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Joseph Prigogine is going to sue Abraham Russo


Producer Iosif Prigogine considers the artist’s statements to be slander.

Recently, Avraam Russo, in an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, spoke about the problems he experienced at the peak of his career. And he blamed everything on Joseph Prigogine. The producer did not remain silent.

No one understands why the 52-year-old singer decided on public revelations, in which he offends many people who gave him a ticket to the stage. In particular, Iosif Prigogine is at a loss why his name is again entangled with the intrigues of the forgotten artist. “I have already turned to lawyer Sergei Zhorin. We are suing the Secret in a Million Program and Abraham Russo. I want him to answer for every word. He is a swindler and a swindler who, even while lying in the hospital and reading the newspapers about his hospitalization, said: “I got good PR.” He’s no stranger to going to courts“, – the producer admits.

Abraham Russo
Abraham Russo

Prigozhin says that if it were not for him and businessman Telman Ismailov, then Russo would have lived in Cyprus and would have been nothing. “And we dragged out this fake person, brought him to Russia, surrounded him with care. Without Thälmann’s money and my production, no one would have known him. They invented a legend for him, gave him a ticket to life. He is an average singer, moreover, as it turns out, also without masculine qualities. As he was a provincial in the worst sense of the word, so he remained”, – says Joseph.

He solved his problems with Russo long ago, but he does not understand why Abraham still speaks out to Larisa Rubalskaya, Telman Ismailov and other people who helped him.

I also do not understand the channel’s leadership, which allows this “rampant democracy”. The person on the air says whatever he wants. And nothing will happen to him for that ?! Will not work. There is a law on libel in the media. I’m going to court. And I am sure that I will win“, – sums up Prigozhin.

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