Nov 24, 2021
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Joseph Prigogine intends to sue Abraham Russo


Producer Joseph Prigogine does not intend to just leave the singer’s statements.

Valeria’s husband is going to put in place of Abraham Russo, who said a lot of unnecessary things about the producer. Not so long ago, the singer publicly accused Valeria’s husband of involvement in an attack that happened back in 2006. Allegedly, Prigozhin entered into a conspiracy with the former director of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov and participated in organizing the assassination attempt on Russo. Then the artist was injured and was forced to move to live in another country.

As it turned out, Prigozhin entrusted the famous star lawyer Sergei Zhorin to deal with this case. The human rights activist commented to the media about how much the producer will demand from the singer as moral compensation in the claim for the protection of honor and dignity.

Joseph Prigogine
Joseph Prigogine

This question is not very fundamental for Joseph Prigogine. It is important for him that the information that sounded and which does not correspond to reality was refuted and a fat point was put in this story.“, – quotes Zhorin” The fifth channel “.

Earlier, Prigozhin has already made a personal comment in connection with the release of the scandalous release of the show “Secret in a Million” on NTV with the participation of Russo. “I want him to answer for every word. He’s a crook and a crook“, Says Valeria’s husband.

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