Sep 19, 2020
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Joseph Prigogine commented on the behavior of Tarzan, who cheated on Natasha Korolev

19:01, 18.09.

The producer does not understand why the dancer brought his mistress home.

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A week ago, a scandal erupted in the family of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan. Returning from a trip, the singer discovered the loss of jewelry. It turned out that in the absence of his wife Tarzan brought two women to their house, one of whom turned out to be the dancer's mistress. It was they who robbed the Queen for five million rubles.

It is worth noting that Sergei did not deny the fact of treason to Natasha Koroleva. He published a video message on his microblog on Instagram, in which he told how everything really happened. “I got divorced. I fell for love without any love, because I have only one love. These women possessed a whole range of substances that put me in a complete state of inadequacy and what happened happened, ”Glushko said, among other things. By the way, the dancer later deleted his confession.

Sergey Glushko confessed to treason to Natasha Koroleva

A family drama in the family of Natasha Koroleva attracted the attention of not only the public, but also representatives of the domestic show business. So, Natalya Shturm spoke about Tarzan's behavior. In addition, the singer remembered how Sergei courted her even before her marriage to the Queen. According to Sturm, the dancer has always enjoyed success with women and has never refused to meet with them.

Tarzan's behavior was commented on by Joseph Prigogine. Previously, the producer has already spoken about this whole story in Andrey Razin's microblog on Instagram. "I'm shocked," Valeria's husband wrote in the comments under Razin's publication. Today Joseph told reporters in more detail what he thinks about Sergei Glushko's actions.

Joseph Prigogine commented on the behavior of Tarzan, who cheated on Natasha Korolev

“I know Natasha very well as a positive, kind, bright person. The circumstances this guy was in - he got into them himself. It doesn't matter who "cheated" him. He is still a representative of a dance, let's say, a special genre, so, by and large, there is nothing surprising in this, ”- said Prigozhin. At the same time, the producer admitted that he did not understand the act of Tarzan, who brought his mistress to their common house with the Queen. "As they say, well, I would have entered somewhere on the side, but not at home, do you understand ?!" - quoted by the producer RIA Fan.

Recall that the mistress of 50-year-old Sergei Glushko was 23-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko. The Russian viewer could see her in such projects as "Free Letter", "The Last Cop", "Witnesses", "Viking" and others. And last Wednesday, Anastasia became a guest of the program "Actually".

Anastasia Shulzhenko

On the air of Channel One, Anastasia tried to prove that she was expecting a child from Sergei Glushko. According to the actress, earlier she did two tests, which showed a positive result. The experts suggested that she be tested again. Shulzhenko agreed. It turned out that she was not pregnant after all. The actress did not hide her shock. She noticed that she did not want to slander Tarzan. Supposedly, if Anastasia knew that in fact she was not in a position, then she would not have made loud statements.

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