Oct 12, 2021
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Joseph Prigogine attacked the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater


Producer Iosif Prigogine is angry that his wife is being compared to Buzova.

On the eve of the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky gave an interview in which he stated that there is no functional difference between Valeria and Olga Buzova. This offended producer Joseph Prigogine, and he answered Boyakov.

Prigozhin back in the summer, having learned that Valeria was “replaced” by Buzova in the play “The Wonderful Georgian”, was surprised by such a decision of the theatrical leadership and questioned Boyakov’s professionalism. And on the eve, having heard about the comparison of two singers, I was confused.

Comparison of Olga Buzova and Valeria is, at least, incorrect. I would like the Ministry of Culture and other large organizations to check Boyakov for aptitude. You cannot devalue a profession. You cannot discredit people who have an academic background. To what level are we sinking? Are you ready to do anything for the hype?“- said Prigozhin.

Joseph Prigogine with his wife
Joseph Prigogine with his wife

He emphasizes that it was Boyakov who showed interest in Valeria and asked her to take part in the “Miraculous Georgian”. But the artists have a busy and busy touring schedule, into which it is difficult to fit additional projects.

If you are reading this message, then you should know – you were running after us, not we after you. I’m not interested in you at all. You are trying to make people out of us who do not deserve such treatment. You wanted to draw attention to the play, you attracted Olga Buzova, we refused“- Iosif Prigogine remembered.

According to the producer, it is impossible to compare professionals in their field with aspiring singers. At the same time, the producer emphasizes everywhere that he has no questions for Olga – she did what she had to. But Boyakov’s behavior and his words are frankly annoying: “If you question professionalism, experience, then I question you as a person“.

Let us remind you that the scandal between the two celebrities broke out after the premiere of the play “The Wonderful Georgian”, which took place on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Not only did the artistic director call Olga Buzova for the role, which the public did not like, he also said that he initially saw Valeria in the project.

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