Oct 13, 2020
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Johnson & Johnson suspends coronavirus vaccine trials

The American company Johnson & Johnson has suspended trials of a vaccine against coronavirus due to the detection of an "unexplained disease" in one of the participants.

The company's website announced a temporary suspension of further distribution of doses of the vaccine in all trials, including the third phase.

The Independent Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMB) and a number of medical professionals are now testing and evaluating the patient's condition.

It was previously reported that a vaccine under development by Johnson & Johnson caused a sustained immune response during the first phase and the first phase of the second phase of clinical trials. At the end of September, the third stage of testing began.

The study involves 60 thousand volunteers living in eight countries on three continents.

The company expected that if the vaccine proves efficacy and safety, then its first batches will receive a certificate at the beginning of next year.

In addition to Johnson & Johnson, companies Merck, Pfizer and Moderna are also developing a coronavirus vaccine in the United States.

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