Apr 23, 2022
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Johnson, Biden and Trudeau promised Zelensky to send new guns, but did not promise that they would reach the Donbass

Johnson, Biden and Trudeau promised Zelensky to send new guns, but did not promise that they would reach the Donbass

Photo: Viktor Tolochko/TASS

Western countries intend to supply Ukraine with additional artillery weapons. The corresponding statements were made by the heads of a number of states.

“What is happening will become an “artillery” conflict, the Ukrainians need help: even more artillery, and we will give it to them,” the British Prime Minister promised Boris Johnson at a meeting of the British Parliament.

A similar promise was made by the President of the United States during a business trip to New Hampshire Joe Biden. When asked if the US would supply more artillery weapons to Ukraine, he replied: “Yes.”

According to a Pentagon spokesman John KirbaAmerican howitzers can be delivered to Ukraine in the coming days.

“Today I have nothing to say about the delivery, but I think that you will see that they will be taken away very soon, as well as ammunition for them,” he told reporters.

The representative of the American military department also did not rule out that, if necessary, additional shells for 155-mm howitzers could be supplied. Earlier, he also said that the United States would soon begin training the Ukrainian military in the use of American howitzers.

Canada is ready to supply large-caliber artillery to Ukraine as part of regular deliveries of lethal weapons.

“Canada will send heavy artillery to Ukraine. We will announce the details in the coming days,” the Canadian Prime Minister promised reporters. Justin Trudeau.

Russian troops meet foreign weapons with high-precision strikes, destroying enemy firing positions, ammunition depots, accumulations of equipment, including newly arrived ones, and even military transport aircraft. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, over the past day, missile forces and artillery have attacked 1,053 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities, while destroying 106 artillery firing positions.

Judging by the statements of the West and the constant requests from Kyiv for the supply of artillery equipment, the counter-battery fight on the territory of the “square” may intensify in the near future. At the same time, these plans also indicate that most of the Ukrainian artillery proper, and this is mostly still Soviet equipment, has been destroyed, he believes.captain 1st rank stock Vasily Dandykin.

– Of course, they need the help of artillery, especially artillery combat stations supplied by NATO, Americans, which operate quite effectively.

Everyone notes that the artillerymen of the Ukrainian army are well prepared from the point of view of the school, they act quite effectively. Age gunners they still have Soviet training, these shots to some extent remained. Nevertheless, we suffered heavy losses from aviation, missile troops and, of course, the actions of our artillery. However, judging by the prisoners and losses, their motivation is less than ours.

They started with MANPADS, now they are talking about self-propelled and other artillery. These are 155-millimeter howitzers, these are the shells that the Americans are ready to supply – this is about 40 thousand pieces. But this is unlikely to help even in the special operation that is now unfolding and which the Kyiv regime calls the “Battle for Donbass.” Perhaps this will prolong the fighting for some time.

We have already stated that all supplies crossing the border become a legitimate target for our aviation, for our missiles. There have already been strikes on Slovak S-300s, on the weapons that were in the downed transport plane, on the concentration of foreign weapons in the Lvov area.

Ukraine keeps saying: “Give, give, give.” Now the decision has been made in the West to supply them with artillery, old tanks from German stocks. But even this weapon is running out, although Bulgarian factories and others are actively working on ammunition.

Combat operations require a large expenditure of ammunition. The Ukrainian army is now deprived of many production facilities, including those related to artillery. The special military operation has been going on for almost two months, the supplies are depleted. Equipment also wears out, it is designed for a certain number of shots.

Under NATO standards, NATO shells are also needed. They will try to put them down. Most likely, it goes by plane to Poland, where it is reloaded. But now we are already systematically struggling with these, therefore, in many respects, these deliveries will not affect the course of the second stage of the operation, which is unfolding.

“SP”: – You said that Ukraine has well-trained artillerymen. How much?

– It must be taken into account that not only guns die, but also crews, people. It is difficult to restore personnel in artillery. This is a fairly complex type of combat specialty. No matter how advanced electronics is, you need to understand a lot, have skill, be a good gunner etc. I think the deficit is already taking its toll.

Now the Ukrainians are good at shooting at houses, kindergartens, transformers and other similar objects, which they do in the Donbass, but not so good at combat targets. This also applies to missiles, “Point-U”, which are used, among other things, to work for PR and blame the Russian Federation. This also applies to artillery.

“SP”: – Why such an amount of artillery, if there are other means of destruction?

– If tanks on the battlefield are the main type of escort of hostilities, then artillery is the god of war. Nothing is done without artillery, without large-caliber mortars.

Artillery is of various sizes. There is also a 203 millimeter – “Peony”, they have guns “Hyacinth” – 152 millimeters: destructive power, shoots for almost 30 km. There is rocket artillery – “Grad”, “Smerch”, “Hurricane”, which many of them destroyed, but still remain, and Ukraine uses them. There is a mortar of special destructive power “Tulip”.

Artillery has not been canceled, it is used along with other types, even modern ones. Artillery has played and is playing a big role. And then, as they say, who will shoot whom. I think there can be no questions – after all, our artillery. Of course, there are losses, but there is also greater repairability, a larger supply of ammunition.

I think that artillery – one of the strong points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, actively used by them, as can be seen from the constant eight-year shelling of Donbass – will be destroyed, and something will be taken as trophies.

SP: Do I understand correctly that the current intensification of shelling, which is obvious to everyone, is one of the signs of an offensive?

– Right before the offensive, before the operation, positions are being processed. Works artillery, aviation, rocket troops. Everything in the complex, shoots, and then, when offensive operations are underway, there is the concept of a barrage. Ours detect firing points that have not yet been destroyed, and work specifically on them, and help the infantry or marines.

“SP”: – Do foreign artillery pieces have any advantages over ours?

– They are practically comparable in characteristics. In our Russian army, artillery has always been of high quality: both metal and technological sophistication. During the Great Patriotic War, we had the unsurpassed guns of Grabin and Petrov. The Germans very often used our captured guns, because they recognized the quality.

In some components, we excel: especially with regard to the new self-propelled guns that are now in service – the Msta, as well as the old Gvozdika and Akatsia. I don’t know if completely new generations will be used now. This is with regards to technology, and as for the artillery school, it is one of the best in the world.

Canadian or American supplies may partially make up for the loss, but no more. They will either be destroyed or become trophies, as has already happened with other NATO weapons.

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