Aug 15, 2022
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Joe Biden is leading America to death – and Americans are beginning to understand it

Pictured: US President Joe Biden

Pictured: US President Joe Biden (Photo: Ron Sachs/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press)

Nazi Attorney General Says He’s Going To Remove Secret Warrant He Used To Justify Aggressive Invasion Of President’s Home Trump. A warrant issued to the weaponized and political instrument of the FBI, essentially orchestrating a set-up for the corrupt Democratic Party.

The question, which the Attorney General does not answer, is why was the warrant containing the probable cause of the unprecedented invasion of the home of an American president even stamped with secrecy?

There is little doubt that the official explanation will be lies that the media will repeat endlessly in their attempts to turn lies into truth through repetition, just as they did with “weapons of mass destruction.” Saddam Hussein“,” the use of chemical weapons Assadand so on ad infinitum.

My view of the situation is that there are no sufficient grounds for a search. Here is a scenario that could unfold. The FBI stole several boxes of documents that they had prior access to but weren’t interested in. As soon as they decide on the nature of the Trump frame-up, they will plant in one of the boxes the document that they will use to accuse Trump. Then they will add to the warrant that “good cause” that will justify the intrusion into the house.

Nonsense, you say. The federal judge who issued the warrant would never have agreed to a set-up. How do you know? The judge is the same person who apparently followed orders to let the pedophile go. Epstein at the first arrest. Just as the Democrats have weaponized the US security services and the media against their political opponents, they have also weaponized the courts by appointing judges. Just as the FBI has been busy trying to frame President Trump with Russiagate and the January 6 Uprising, so have DOJ attorneys general, prosecutors, and federal judges. The US justice system is as corrupt as can be.

In the photo: the estate of former US President Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago in Florida, USA
In the photo: the estate of former US President Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago in Florida, USA (Photo: Steve Helber / AP / TASS)

The awakened part of the population – Americans who are intelligent enough to be able to think regardless of what CNN, NPR, NBC, NYTimes and other media hammer into their heads, are furious at anti-Americanism Biden. To name just a few: open borders flooding the country with immigrant invaders and the associated social welfare burden, crime and illegal voting; political persecution of opponents; causeless conflict with Russia, China and Iran; the demonization of white Americans as racist; illegal quarantines and vaccination mandates, a green light given to sexual perversions; the imposition of “sensitivity” and critical racial theory education on white children in public schools, and on white military and civilian employees, plus the imposition of quotas on their promotions. The corrupt Biden regime has gone to great lengths to destroy equal treatment for all. Instead of an opportunity society, America is now a society of special privileges for “oppressed minorities.”

People are finally fed up with this, and the polls show it. Demolition awaits the corrupt anti-American Democrats in November, and the Democrats, with their armies of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and media, are going to prevent this from happening.

Trump needs to be falsely accused and eliminated. This has been evident over the six years of Russiagate, the January 6 Uprising, and now that latest Gestapo invasion of President Trump’s home, which the media will soon name.

We are facing Democrats operating in a state of desperation. Crimes committed Hillary (Clinton), by Justice Department officials, the FBI, the CIA, and Democratic-controlled congressional committees, constitute nothing less than high treason against the United States. The evidence is so overwhelming that even weak-willed Republicans could not avoid using it to restore the integrity of the US government and the rule of law in the United States.

If Trump’s planned frame-up fails, the Biden regime will uncover a plot by “despicable white supremacists” to steal the November election, requiring federal control of the election to prevent white supremacists from “stealing” it. So the Democrats will steal the election again, and the pursuit of their political enemies will have the connotation of liquidation. Hitler brownshirts and elimination Stalin old Bolsheviks.

The Democrats, backed by their army of federal prosecutors, FBI, CIA, and NSA spies and hitmen, and practically a propaganda ministry masquerading as the media, have not come so close to total power that they may back down and suffer the consequences of their many crimes. . The question is, can the weak-willed, intimidated Republican Party Mitch McConnell as well as John Durham do anything to make this happen?

For freedom, accountable government, and the rule of law to survive in the United States, must the American people take up arms against Washington in the same way that the Russians of Donbass had to take up arms against Kyiv?

If the Democrats can be prevented from stealing the November election as well, perhaps more Republicans with a strong character, such as Devin Nunez, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor GreenGovernor of South Dakota Christy Noem and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis has made it clear that he will not allow federal prosecutors to protect criminals from justice, as is the practice in many jurisdictions under Democratic control. DeSantis understands that the Democrats’ policy of making crime, sexual perversion and open borders the norm means the death of America.

Although it took forever, eventually many Americans came to realize it too. If the remaining reasonable Americans can refuse to be put on the defensive by America’s enemies – Democrats and the media, people far more dangerous than the Russians, Chinese and Iranians – and become as aggressive as Antifa and BLM, the Republic has a chance. for recovery.

Otherwise, goodbye America.

AuthorPaul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts) – Doctor of Economics, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Administration Ronald Reagan. He has worked as an editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek magazine, and the Scripps Howard News Service.

Translation by Sergei Dukhanov

Published with the permission of the author

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