Dec 29, 2020
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Joe Biden is going to the Ukrainian campaign

Joe Biden is going to the Ukrainian campaign

Biden’s people have already taken up Ukraine.

At the suggestion of political advisers, the new president intends to implement his old Ukrainian plans. In Barack Obama’s administration, his powers were limited, Angela Merkel opposed even greater US participation in the unleashing of the Ukrainian civil war, and the president himself, who did not want to hang on to an even greater Ukrainian burden.

Biden will write in his memoirs that he was disappointed with Merkel’s reaction to his proposal to arm Ukraine. He accused her of being too lenient in her dealings with Putin.

But today Biden can do whatever he wants in Ukraine and, above all, bring his protégé to power in the face of a noticeable weakening of Zelensky’s power.

In Kiev, a rumor spread that 15 experts from Biden and his future Secretary of State Tony Blinken had already arrived in the Ukrainian capital.

In this situation, Zelensky can only be offered one way out – to deploy hostilities on the land of Donbass.

Biden and his team will try to take revenge for the humiliation inflicted on them by Russia in the Ukrainian direction, primarily in the Crimea. In addition, it will be interesting for Pentagon generals to study the real combat capability of the renewed and retrained Ukrainian army in the confrontation with the “Russians”.

Nikolay Ivanov


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