Jan 9, 2022
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Jigan’s family got into trouble in Mexico


Rapper Dzhigan and his family decided to relax in a warm region.

Dzhigan and his family started the New Year in a warm country. Their journey goes by, as usual, not without troubles …

The artist’s family was looking forward to the holidays. Having got out to Mexico, Djigan and his wife Oksana willingly share their happy moments on social networks.

Not without incident. 33-year-old Oksana Samoilova spoke about them in detail: “The perfect start to the new year. We meet him in Mexico. It’s unrealistically cool here: nature, weather, our villa and all that … Except for a couple, but: a couple of times something has been stolen from us for trifles; for the first four days, children vomited in turn, getting used to local microorganisms; eating tacos and burritos 24/7 is difficult; too many machines around“.

Dzhigan with his family
Dzhigan with his family

But no troubles can disturb the idyll: “We have already adapted to all of the above, so we have a great rest“.

Dzhigan called the family outing with incidents pleasant anyway: “Chill-2022 is officially open!“To this one of the subscribers joked:”You haven’t closed it since last year!

By the way, other followers of the couple, on the contrary, are happy for them and write: “But not boring! But in your company it is probably never boring ”; “This is what I understand as a normal human rest”; “I look at you and my soul rejoices! You are such a sincere and real person! So proud of you!

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