May 5, 2022
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Jewish War Lavrov

In the photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (Photo: Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry/TASS)

Noting in passing that “the most ardent anti-Semites are, as a rule, Jews” and “among BUT.Hitler there was also Jewish blood”, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov angered his Israeli colleague Yaira Lapida. He demanded an apology, but did not wait for them. Lavrov’s team, on the contrary, decided to develop the theme. She accused Israel of collaborating with Ukraine, where the Nazis thrive. And she recalled the former cooperation of the Jews with the Nazis:

“The Israeli minister literally said the following: “The Jews did not destroy themselves during the Holocaust. To accuse Jews of anti-Semitism is a blatant level of racism against Jews…” History, unfortunately, knows tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and the Nazis. In Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe, the Germans appointed Jewish industrialists as heads of ghettos and Jewish councils (“Judenrats”), some of whom are remembered for downright monstrous deeds. Jakub Leikin in Warsaw, conducted surveillance of the Jews and reported everything to the German occupation administration, dooming his compatriots to certain, and sometimes painful death, and Chaim Rumkovsky generally offered the Jews of Lodz to give their children to the Nazis in exchange for saving the lives of adult residents of the ghetto, there is a lot of evidence of his words.

Even as a child, my grandmother read me a poem about a conversation between two village old women, which began with the words “Great, godfather! – I’ve been to the market! Al, are you deaf? “I bought a rooster!” It’s the same here, only deafness is conscious. There is no evidence that the most ardent anti-Semites are Jews, as well as confirmation of the Jewish origin of Hitler. The identity of his maternal grandfather has not been precisely established. It’s either the miller’s apprentice Johann Georgor his brother Johann Nepomuk. The Fuhrer’s grandmother, Maria, married Johann Georg after giving birth, and Johann Nepomuk loved his nephew very much and, having become rich, made him his heir. Allegedly, the son of a Jewish banker who slept with Mary Leopold Frankenberger never existed, just like the banker himself. Fans of Jewish conspiracies gave him the offspring of a local butcher Leopold Frankenreiterbut they miscalculated: at the time of the birth of Hitler the father, the guy was only 10 years old.

Not finding confirmation of Lavrov’s theses, his subordinates switched the arrows to Lapid’s answer, convicted him of hushing up facts that were unpleasant for his fellow tribesmen, but they did not say everything. Hitler’s accomplices mentioned by them in the person of the leaders of the Judenrats, their police officers and Nazi agents like the Amsterdam lesbian Anna Van Dalewho surrendered 145 people to the invaders and was hanged for that, were destroyed. The fate turned out to be more favorable to the thousands of Jews and half-Jews who fought on the side of Germany, but did not participate in the genocide of their compatriots. Many survived, and among them the most famous is the head of the technical department of the Ministry of Aviation, Field Marshal General of Aviation and a Jewish father. Erhard Milchabout whom the Reichsmarschall Goering said: “Who is the Jew here – I decide!” Milch served 7 years and successfully advised the German aviation business. Jew by mother, holder of the Golden and Knight’s Crosses Walter Hollander spent almost 12 years in a Soviet prisoner of war camp, but also safely met his old age at home. Three out of several hundred Jews in the Finnish army: Capt. Solomon Klassmajor of medical service Leo Skurnik and nurse Dina Poliakoff successfully survived the war and even received Iron Crosses from the German allies, although they politely refused to receive them.

A special situation has developed in the Middle East. It is useful for Lapid to remember that one of his respected predecessors was, in fact, an accomplice of Hitler. We are talking about a native of Belarus Ichake Ezernikovwho goes by the name Shamir was responsible for Israel’s foreign relations in 1980-86, and in 1983-84 and 1988-90. even headed the government.

A poster for the British police in Palestine offering a reward for capturing members of the
A poster for the British police in Palestine offering a reward for capturing members of the “Stern Gang” (Lehi). Yitzhak Yezernitsky (Shamir) is depicted in the center of the poster. (Photo: Palestine Police Force/

Shamir found himself on the same side with the Third Reich due to a conflict with the British who ruled Palestine. By the beginning of World War II, Arabs and Jewish colonists fought with the British administration, and even more among themselves, here, eager to revive the state that had fallen almost 2 thousand years ago. When England declared war on Germany, most of the Jewish organizations decided that the Nazis were worse after all and made peace with London. However, some thought differently and created the terrorist group “Fighters for the freedom of Israel” (translated into Hebrew “Lohamei Herut Yisrael” or “Lehi”). The new organization was headed by the poet Abraham Sternknown underground as jair. Stern admired Italy’s fascist dictator Benito Mussolinibut agreed to deal with Hitler. “The Germans can ‘cleanse’ Europe of Jews by transporting them here, to Eretz Israel,” he explained to his comrades-in-arms. “And Germany can agree to this option if we start fighting against the British.”

Emissaries of “Lehi” Naftali Lyubinchik I Nathan Elin-Mor tried to establish contacts with the Germans, but to no avail. Elin-Mor was arrested by the British, and the offer of cooperation, which Lyubinchik conveyed to German diplomats in Beirut, did not arouse interest. However, the war with the British began and demanded money. Not having received them from Berlin, the militants began to rob banks, killing cashiers and security guards, regardless of nationality. Without hesitation, along with the British and Arabs, they also destroyed law enforcement officers from among the Jews.

In response, the authorities began a mass cleansing of the militants and on February 12, 1942, they shot Abraham himself. Shamir, who escaped from prison, became the new leader of Lehi. On February 1, 1944, the “National Military Organization” (“Irgun Zvai Leumi” or “Etsel”) joined the guerrilla war against the British, in which the hot captain Klass was a partisan before the start of the Soviet-Finnish war. lands and deserter of the Polish army Mieczysław Begunwhich in 1977-1983. becomes Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin. From that day on, both factions worked together to exterminate the British and their Jewish accomplices. The most successful action was the November 6 assassination by Lehi militants in Cairo of the Minister of Middle East Affairs Edward Guinness. High Commissioner for Palestine Harold Macmail luckier. Only his wife suffered from the bullets of the militants and, having survived the seventh attempt, Sir Harold dumped on August 30 to Malaysia.

Since the terrorist attacks of Lehi and Etzel contributed to the creation of Israel, the names of their leaders are surrounded there with the greatest honor. There is nothing even to say about Begin and Shamir, but several streets and the town of Kokhav-Yair (“Star of Yair”) are named after Stern. This is much more logical than the monuments to the head of the German Main Directorate of the Cossack troops Petr Krasnov and police Ivan Dobrobabin in the Rostov region, as well as the streets named after the Goebbels propagandist Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov in Chechnya. Only to pretend that there were no Jews on Hitler’s side is completely indecent hypocrisy.

Mr. Lapid is still a solid politician, next year he will head the government and should not be likened to the miserable St. Petersburg liberals – the late ex-chairman of the Union of Journalists Anatoly Yezhelev and expert Nikolai Girenko. Twenty years ago, they were offended by my article about Milch, Skurnik and Klass as Lapid against Lavrov and demanded to be charged under Article 282 for inciting ethnic hatred. It didn’t work out: the St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office reacted to the denunciation with squeamish bewilderment.

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