Oct 6, 2021
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Jewish exclusivity

For any expert to be successful, he must have good associative thinking. Analysts know how to count – but only according to already passed patterns, they will not come up with a new one. Poets and artists alike need associations, but experts especially need them. Since looking for the real foundations of certain actions is extremely difficult. And it’s not scary that not all associations give a result, it is important that sooner or later they will give a result. Since it is analysts who come up with insidious plans, and they are repeated, over and over again

And last night a complex associative construction came to my mind. It began with the fact that I came across on the Internet another (although already quite old, but I have not yet encountered it) heap of hatred poured out on me personally. As you know, I have a rather bad relationship with the Soviet Jewish mafia (since the 90s, although I instinctively avoided it back in the 70s), but why didn’t it work out? By the way, I did not understand the answer at once.

The trick is that the Jewish mafia (like, by the way, many other groups, for example, the kingdoms, for all their hatred of Jews) categorically insists on its exclusivity. That is, there are “our own” (aristocrats, “elite”, well, and so on) and “cattle”. And if you were enrolled in the “cattle”, then the chances of penetrating into “theirs” are almost impossible. The trouble is that I categorically do not accept such a division of people. By the way, it is for this reason that Russian people from the provinces, with whom I have communicated a lot and very positively, categorically refuse to recognize my involvement in this Jewish community (it is clear that this is not about nationality).

By the way, my grandfather, who grew up in a Jewish town, did not possess this property of “exclusivity” in any place, while my Cossack grandmother, on the contrary, had this property to the full. However, like the Jewish one … And this has always caused some internal conflicts (however, within the family – insignificant).

So, I remembered the real reasons for the attacks of this very mafia on me, and then talked to Karina Gevorgyan (who could claim to be “exclusive”, since her family goes back to the Achaemenids, that is, it has 2 and a half thousand years). And I realized that the book “Crystal of Growth” could not but cause wild indignation of all supporters of such “exclusivity.” Since the main property of Stalin’s policy was that he looked at people, and did not refuse them because they came out of the “cattle”.

It’s not about repression (regardless of who did it and why). Repressions against cattle for such “aristocrats” is not a question at all, they are enraged by the fact that Stalin (who himself is a cattle, from the point of view of almost all “aristocratic” groups, whether noble or Jewish) dared to take tough decisions against them. Because in their representations he had no right to do so.

So, according to Karine, the film “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” became the answer to the book “Crystal of Growth”, which shows how to return equality. And not only because it was specially made under the logic of horror-horror-horror (which was not in the story).

But also because (this is already my addition), Solzhenitsyn is one of the main preachers of “exclusionism” in our country, who fiercely hates Stalin. And not for some (in many ways, mythical) crimes, but for the destruction of that “exclusivity”, which, in Solzhenitsyn’s opinion, was among his ancestors. And which he lost. By the way, my Cossack grandmother also did not like Soviet power for this very thing.

So, let’s be aware: it’s not so much about private property, but about this. The struggle is to enroll yourself and your children in the “aristocracy”, and us in the trash. Everything else is secondary. And it seems to me that the opening of this circumstance is extremely important.

Mikhail Khazin

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