Aug 30, 2021
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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter refuses to accept her gender

The public was disappointed by the photos of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter. The girl began to dress very strangely and looked more like a ragamuffin. While the star mom shows off stylish and feminine looks, Emma wears bag-like clothes.

The network got pictures of Jay and her daughter, who went to dinner at Sunset Plaza after visiting the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. Emma chose a very casual style, she put on a striped oversized jumper, denim shapeless shorts and black brogues. The teenager had curls of blue-green color on his head, disheveled in all directions. The girl looked untidy, which cannot be said about her mother – Lopez was stunning in a white dress and leather platform boots.

Jennifer Lopez's daughter refuses to accept her gender

Society is divided in opinion: some simply believe that this is a difficult adolescence, when a child tries to express himself at the expense of appearance. Others were afraid that Emma did not want to accept her gender and, what good, would soon declare that she was a boy. Such cases in stellar families are not uncommon. The famous stylist suggested that the teenager hides his gender behind shapeless robes. In Europe and America, this direction is now quite developed.

Jennifer Lopez's daughter refuses to accept her gender

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