Feb 19, 2021
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Jennifer Garner to star in Netflix comedy “Family Vacation”

American actress Jennifer Garner will take part in the filming of the Netflix movie “Family Vacation”.

Jennifer Garner to star in Netflix comedy

Also, the actress, along with Laurence Warm Up and Nicole King, will be the producer of the motion picture. The plot of “Family Vacation” is based on the novel “A Vision for Mom” ​​by Amy Croes Rosenthal. Note that earlier Jennifer Garner took part in the film adaptation of another novel by Rosenthal, “The Day” Yes “.

The film “Family Vacation” tells about the spouses, who were revealed one morning that they had changed their bodies. Later it turns out that the same situation arose in a married couple living on a friend’s coffin.

The premiere of the newly-minted film should take place in 2022.

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