Sep 14, 2022
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Jasmine is worried about breaking up with her son


Singer Jasmine said that her eldest son began a new life.

Jasmine recently experienced a difficult moment for any mother to part with her son. The artist finally released 25-year-old Mikhail into adulthood. Now he provides for himself, lives separately and, by the way, has already got himself a bride.

According to the performer, Mikhail himself insisted on moving. He realized that it was time to start living separately from his parents. “I didn’t even know how I could survive it. But Misha himself told me: “Mom, I want to live separately.” And I decided that maybe it’s time”, — quotes the singer ProZvezd..

Singer Jasmine with her son Mikhail
Singer Jasmine with her son Mikhail – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

He formally keeps in touch with his mother, but in fact Jasmine does not even know how exactly he earns his living. “I don’t get into his life at all. I only know that he is fine. Misha works, earns. He has his own business. He is a sole trader and sells something. I honestly don’t know what exactly‘, says Jasmine.

At the same time, she is absolutely sure that everything is fine with her son in life. If he needs help, he will definitely devote it to his problems. Perhaps Jasmine is calm because Mikhail lives with a girl who probably takes good care of him.

Recall that Jasmine is a mother of many children. In addition to her son Mikhail, another boy, Miron, is growing up in her family, as well as a daughter, Margarita. The youngest child of the singer is only six years old, so his “leaving” from home will not happen soon.

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