Sep 14, 2021
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Japanese vandals desecrated the memorial with calls to take the Kuril Islands from Russia


Even the local mayor was amazed at such a disgrace

Some particularly radical residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are trying with all their might to draw attention to the issue of the Kuril Islands. The aggressors sleep and see how these territories are taken from our country. It got to the point that the most desperate Japanese decided on an act of vandalism.

In order to focus on the “problem” of the islands’ belonging, Japanese activists encroached on a memorial monument located in the city of Nemuro. It is curious that this building is just dedicated to the aspirations of the Japanese to seize our territories.

Vandals covered the monument with statements that the Kuril Islands should be taken from the Russian state by force. Local Mayor Masatoshi Igisaki was shocked by the behavior of the townspeople. The statesman tried to appeal to the conscience of the defilers of the monument. He recalled that the “Bridge to the four northern islands” is a symbol of the possible capture of the Kuriles.

The mayor strongly condemned the actions of the vandals and called them “heartless people.” At the same time, the mayor stressed that he shares with the Japanese the desire to include four Russian islands in the Land of the Rising Sun.

By the way, recently the plenipotentiary of our commander-in-chief in the Far East, Yuri Trutnev, revealed the details of the development of the Kuril Islands. A senior civil servant told what awaits the territory in the next five years.

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