Sep 13, 2021
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Japanese readers about the An-26 incident: "Russia just laughs at us"

Japan accused the Russian plane of violating the airspace. “Our ‘mournful artillery’ has no effect, and Russia just laughs at us, doesn’t it?” – written by Japanese readers.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense claims that the Russian An-26 aircraft violated the country’s airspace in the area of ​​the Shiretoko Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido, the Japanese edition of Jiji writes.

It is noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan expressed a strong protest and demanded from Russia to no longer allow such incidents. It is also reported that “Russia’s intentions for these actions are currently being investigated.

When you say violent protest, you mean very regrettable, right? It means “I am very sorry”, not “I am angry.” The people of Japan regret that their government can only conduct diplomacy in this way.

– comments a Japanese reader under the nickname Gek.

Our “mournful artillery” has no effect, and Russia just laughs at us, doesn’t it?

– Gal is indignant.

As usual, Japan has taken no action. The same thing over and over again

– Fow is indignant.

Recall that Japan is constantly outraged that the country is not taking any tough action. However, the country’s authorities do not have so many opportunities for “tough answers.” The country is militarily and politically completely subordinate to the United States and can do little on its own.

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