Oct 25, 2021
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Japanese princess says goodbye to relatives before the wedding

The Japanese princess Mako, daughter of the heir to the throne, Prince Akishino, has visited her grandfather and grandmother, former Emperor Akihito and former Empress Michiko, to inform them of her upcoming wedding on Tuesday, Kyodo reported.

It is clarified that the girl after the wedding will leave the family of the monarch and become an ordinary citizen of Japan. 30-year-old Mako and her chosen one Kei Komuro on October 26 will register their marriage in one of the Japanese municipalities. The couple will then go to New York, where Komuro will work for an adokat firm.

The princess’s wedding was previously planned for November 2018, but was postponed due to financial disputes between the groom’s mother and her former friend. The man demands to return the money allocated for Komuro’s studies to him.

Princess Mako herself all this time insisted on her decision to marry Komuro. At the same time, no official wedding is planned, and the ceremonies at the court have been canceled. Mako also gave up the $ 1.3 million state dowry that was due to her after leaving the imperial family.

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