Aug 24, 2020
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Japanese Prime Minister visits a doctor for the second time in a week

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a hospital in Tokyo for the second time in a week, TASS reports, referring to the country's cabinet secretary general, Yoshihide Sugu.

According to him, Abe is undergoing additional verification based on the results of the survey, which was carried out last week. He stressed that the prime minister has fully taken up his duties, and added that rumors about the alleged deteriorating health of the head of the Japanese government are greatly exaggerated.

The office of Abe also said that the new visit to the doctor was a continuation of the medical examination, which began earlier.

Abe himself said earlier that he returned to work, but decided to undergo an examination in order to make sure that he was in good health.

The Japanese media previously wrote that Abe became ill in his office in early July. According to them, the prime minister was vomiting blood. On August 17, the Japanese prime minister underwent a medical examination.

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