Aug 29, 2021
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Japan sounded the alarm for "blackened" vaccines from the USA

The vaccine of the American company Moderna has raised concerns again – this time in Japan. There, from several coronavirus vaccination centers at once, alarming reports were received about strange black impurities in ampoules with the drug.

Foreign contaminants were found in one batch of vaccine produced by Moderna, USA, which arrived in Japan. Another message came from the city of Naha, which is the administrative center of Okinawa Prefecture.

There, during vaccination, doctors noticed that black impurities were present in one of the ampoules and in two syringes with the American vaccine. The specialists decided to check all the ampoules with the drug and found another suspicious ampoule – it contained pink impurities.

It is reported that about 400 people were vaccinated with the drug from this batch. Doctors say that the vaccine, which was vaccinated, had no impurities, but note that they assessed the cleanliness of syringes and ampoules only visually. So far, no health complaints have been reported from the vaccinated.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Japan suspended vaccination against coronavirus with a drug from Moderna due to impurities detected in several doses. According to Kyodo, reports of contaminants of a few millimeters have come from eight vaccination centers in five prefectures – Aichi, Gifu, Ibaraki, Saitama and Tokyo. Japanese drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., which is responsible for the sale and distribution of the Moderna vaccine in the country, said it would suspend the use of about 1.63 million doses.

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