Oct 6, 2021
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Japan did not see the fault of Gazprom in the rise in gas prices

A sharp rise in the price of gas in Europe is taking place for objective reasons and is not associated with deliberate actions by Russia. This point of view is expressed in an article posted on the Yahoo News Japan website.

To prove his words, the author of the note, Professor of Akita International University Takeshi Oda, cites data from the International Energy Agency, according to which the rise in gas prices is due to supply disruptions, weather conditions and increased demand after the economy exited the pandemic crisis. Thus, the professor did not see Gazprom’s fault in the growth of gas prices.

In confirmation of the climatic factor, Oda recalled the low level of electricity production from wind generators due to weak wind in Europe. In addition, the first quarter of 2021 experienced unusually cold weather in East Asia and North America, with Brazil facing drought in the summer and Asia with heat. To eliminate the consequences of natural anomalies, more gas was required than usual.

Some European politicians reproach Gazprom for not using the gas transportation system of Ukraine to increase supplies, but the Russian company is fulfilling the terms of the contract, recalls Yahoo News. In early October, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki blamed Gazprom on the rise in world energy prices. He called the current situation “turning the valve”, and assigned “Gazprom” the role of an instrument in Russia’s energy policy. At the same time, the official representative of the European Commission (EC) Dana Spinant said that Europe is not looking for those responsible for the rise in gas prices.

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