Oct 13, 2020
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Jane Fonda revealed details of her personal life

American actress Jane Fonda shared the details of her intimate life.

She told about this on the air of the Ellen DeGeneres show, reports Fox News.

The presenter, in particular, asked the celebrity if she was having "crazy sex at 82 years old."

"What are you ?! No, not for a long time. I had a lot of sex in the past, but now there is simply no time for it. Everything has its time, now I have other priorities. My beloved ex-husband, Ted Turner, always said:" If wait too long, he'll grow up. "I think he's right," the actress admitted.

Fonda was married three times in her life. First behind the French director Roger Vadim. Then behind the civic activist Tom Hayden. The third spouse was tycoon Ted Turner.

"If we talk about my sex life, then I regret only one thing, about Marvin Gay (a musician who used cocaine). I hope you understand what I mean. When we met him, I was married, and after the divorce I did not think about him ", - admitted the Fund.

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