May 11, 2021
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Ivleeva’s trip to Russia provoked an unhealthy fever of fans

The famous TV presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva decided to shoot a small picture about her wandering through the little-known cities of Russia.

Ivleeva's trip to Russia provoked an unhealthy fever of fans

She, together with her blogger friends Eldar Dzharakhov, Dania Milokhin and other guys, went by train to Russian cities. She posted the first photos from this journey on her Instagram account.

At the beginning of her wanderings, there were and will be disturbing incidents. One of the first points of this trip was the village of Dno. Ivleeva, together with her friends, settled in a local hotel, it became famous about this to read to all the inhabitants of the populated area of ​​the Pskov region.

Therefore, crowds of sighs began to gather at the hotel, and at some point they became very uncountable, so the law enforcement officers sent employees to the hotel for security purposes so that there were no battles and conflicts.

As a result, Nastya and her friends had to leave this city as soon as possible.

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