Jun 24, 2022
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Ivan Zhidkov spoke about coming on vacation with his daughter Tatyana Arntgolts


Actor Ivan Zhidkov is resting with children at sea. The vacation was not without adventure.

Now Ivan Zhidkov is on vacation with children from two marriages: daughter Maria from Tatyana Arntgolts and son Stepan from Lilia Solovieva. They spent time with such a sincere company and everything was fine until trouble happened.

Ivan Zhidkov with children
Ivan Zhidkov with children

Masha tried on a ring bought in a regular store, but something went wrong: her finger was terribly swollen, pain began, but the ring could not be removed. As a result, the father took his daughter to the hospital. They could not remove the ring: it had to be cut.

Masha Zhidkova
Masha Zhidkova

Well, it turned out not to be an insurance case. There that the ring from the souvenir shop came out to us at the price of a brandedIvan jokingly complained.

Otherwise, the family is having a great time on vacation. The kids seem to get along well with each other. And the subscribers were also shocked by how mature Masha looks – soon she will catch up with her dad in height. This fall, in September, Masha will turn 13 years old, but already now she looks like a real bride.

Recall that Tatyana Arntgolts has been married to Ivan Zhidkov for five years. In 2009, the couple became parents, and in 2014 they filed for divorce. After an unsuccessful marriage, the actress remained alone for a long time and only in 2020 did she remarry Mark Bogatyrev, to whom she gave her son Daniel.

Fortunately, Tatyana has maintained a good relationship with her ex-husband, so Zhidkov takes an active part in raising Maria. Tatyana Arntgolts has repeatedly noted that she does not mind Masha spending a lot of time with her dad. When the actress has a busy schedule, she does not manage to communicate much with her daughter.

Tatyana is proud of the success of the child and is glad that the girl will not continue the acting dynasty. “She grows up as a normal child, studies in a regular school, attends it with pleasure. They have a good class. I am glad that for all her sociability, the daughter is somewhat shy. In my opinion, the younger generation lacks this quality.“, – said the actress.

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