Sep 12, 2020
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Ivan Yankovsky provoked rumors about an affair with married Diana Pozharskaya

17:27, 09/11/2020

According to sources, the actor broke up with the daughter of rocker Konstantin Kinchev after seven years of relationship.

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The star of the films "Union of Salvation", "Text" and "Night Guards" Ivan Yankovsky for seven years, with varying success, had a relationship with Vera Panfilova. The actors met at GITIS, where they studied together at the directing department. The novel developed rapidly, but in 2016, the lovers broke up after three years of relationship. Then the couple's friends spoke out that the cause of the discord was Yankovsky's excessive employment on the set.

After breaking up with his beloved, Ivan was now and then attributed to novels with new passions. So, at the premiere of the film "Queen of Spades" directed by Pavel Lungin, the actor appeared with a blogger Taisia ​​Rumyantseva... But the rising star of Runet then said that only friendship connects them. Also, the media discussed the likelihood of Yankovsky's relationship with the daughter of restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Alexandra. However, already in 2017, Ivan and Vera renewed their relationship - together they went to rest in Sicily and from that moment were inseparable.

Vera Panfilova and Ivan Yankovsky

In March of this year, Ivan's mother Oksana Fandera hinted at an imminent wedding of lovers. The couple's fans were waiting for a magnificent celebration, but today a number of media outlets disseminated information that Yankovsky and Panfilova broke up after seven years of relationship. The couple reportedly broke up in July. Moreover, Ivan allegedly has already found himself a new passion.

According to rumors, the 28-year-old star of the Hotel Eleon Diana Pozharskaya became Yankovsky's beloved. It is noteworthy that the actress has been married to a producer since 2016 Artem Aksenenko, who is nine years older than the chosen one. The spouses do not share the details of their personal lives, but, nevertheless, none of them has yet announced a divorce. According to EG, Diana has a very dubious reputation in the industry. Allegedly, at different times she was noticed flirting with Milos Bikovich and Alexander Kuznetsov.

Diana Pozharskaya

Diana Pozharskaya does not hide that she has many fans. One foreign fan literally chased the Russian star. “I was filming in Estonia then. And, for some reason, they often recognized me there. Even more often than in Russia, I guess. And there was one fan who, roughly speaking, stalked me. I will not voice the nuances. In any case, it was all nice and kind, it just sometimes went beyond some boundaries, "- said the actress in an exclusive video interview" Around TV ".

In general, Diana, in her own words, is calm about popularity and tries to pay attention to everyone who wants an autograph, a photo, or just say a few nice words. “I try not to be surprised at anything. Sometimes they hug me, take me by the cheeks, rub them, but what can I do? " - the actress noted with a smile.

Exclusive video interview "Around TV" with Diana Pozharskaya

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