Apr 10, 2021
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Ivan Urgant ridiculed the appearance of Yegor Creed

03:05, 04/10/2021

The singer came to the show “Evening Urgant” with black manicure.

On April 9, 26-year-old Yegor Creed became a guest of the Friday edition of the TV show “Evening Urgant”, who already appears every Friday on Channel One in the TV season 2021, since on this day the show “Voice. Children” is aired, where the singer plays the role of one of the mentors of young talents. Ivan Urgant talked about this vocal project and many other things with his guest.

Creed appeared in the studio in a black suit and white shirt, which became the only light element of his image. In March 2021, the singer dyed his natural blonde hair with black paint, becoming a brunette. So Ivan Andreevich could not help but ask the guest why he decided to change his image. The presenter noted that Yegor became the first man in the studio to whom he asked a question about hair dye. Creed replied that black is the color of his mood lately.

Egor Creed in 2019

The former Black Star Incorporated artist told the story of his transformation from blonde to brunette. The singer returned from vacation with his hair burnt out to a reddish hue and asked the hairdresser to return his natural shade of hair. The master tinted his hair a tone darker, and as a result, his client asked to dye it in a completely dark color.

Yegor Creed in the show “Evening Urgant”

And this is not the only change in Creed’s daily life. Ivan asked why Yegor stopped filming himself on a mobile phone and posting photos on his Instagram blog. As it turned out, the singer became a big fan of the film camera, which now always takes with him and takes pictures only on film. But since he himself does not show the pictures, then at first he had a fear that his personal pictures could get to the intruders. “As Artem Dziuba says, they won’t merge!” – the TV presenter joked about the guest’s fear.

When the conversation turned to musical creativity, Yegor said that he gave his father a home recording studio. First, the singer installed the same one at home, and then decided to buy it for his father, since he also deals with music – he has his own musical group in Penza.

Egor Creed and Ivan Urgant

Ivan also joked about the black manicure of his guest. Urgant admitted that he never had a manicure. And he invited Creed to continue the conversation at the tables in an impromptu nail salon. While both of them were doing nail design, Yegor talked about his new hobby – the singer signed up for a motorcycle school to learn how to ride a motorcycle masterfully. During a conversation on the so-called men’s topics, Yegor also admitted that he is a fan of fist fights.

Yegor Creed in the show “Evening Urgant”

Note that not all stars of Russian show business support the trend for men’s manicure. Larisa Dolina, for example, spoke sharply against Yegor Creed because of his painted nails. According to the star, painting nails with varnish is not a man’s job. “I see a real man without this nail polish! A man and painted nails are incompatible things. For me, ”Dolina said in the Musicality YouTube show.

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