Aug 7, 2022
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Ivan Urgant laughed at the initiative of the deputies – to punish the artists


Presenter and actor Ivan Urgant made his offer.

The 44-year-old TV presenter ridiculed the initiative of the group to investigate anti-Russian activities. Ivan Urgant made an official statement.

The showman topped the list of “agents of foreign influence” – well-known people who oppose the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine. The initiative to create this list belongs to the Just Russia – For Truth party. And the main ideologist of the initiative group to investigate anti-Russian activities (GRAD) was the writer Zakhar Prilepin.

The list of “objectionable” is published on the website. There, in the left column, “agents of foreign influence” are indicated, next to which a portrait of a “henchman” from government agencies allegedly covering him is published. Activists declared the host of the Evening Urgant program an “agent”. “He expressed dissatisfaction with the NWO almost immediately. And went abroad“, the deputies said. His accomplice was named the general director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst. “Continues contractual relations with leaders who do not support CBO”, the parliamentarians said. The list also included director Alexander Molochnikov and the Bi-2 group.

Ivan Urgant - photo from the archive -
Ivan Urgant – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Sergei Svetlakov’s partner in the movie Yolki reacted to the creation of this list. Ivan, in his usual ironic manner, made a statement:

I, Ivan Andreyevich Urgant, have carefully read the video materials of the first meeting of the Anti-Russian Activities Investigation Group in the field of culture (1 hour 40 minutes). And I think the appearance of such a group is necessary, and all the proposals made by the participants of the meeting are accurate and timely.

For my part, I want to contribute to the fruitful work of the group and make several rational proposals:

First. In connection with the obvious need, please legislate the possibility of bringing to justice not only the persons indicated by you, but also their next of kin, with the possibility of subsequent renunciation.

Second. As part of the development and support of your idea of ​​”Russian McCarthyism”, it is proposed to withdraw from free sale all the albums of Paul McCartney, with the exception of the album “Back in USSR”.

Third. I propose to release from the meeting of the group of those members of the party “A Just Russia – For Truth”, who on this day are announced a guilty verdict in the Moscow City Court.

Fourth. Since the abbreviation GRAD does not fully reflect the gigantic amount of work that will have to be faced, I propose to rename the Anti-Russian Activities Investigation Group into the Detection Group of Our Society’s Enemies.

Fifth. As the anthem of the Group, I propose to use the song of Yaroslav Evdokimov “Dreamer”“.

Urgant accompanied this statement with an eloquent picture. The artist posed with Zakhar Prilepin’s book “Eight”. The writer made a dedicatory inscription on it: “To Ivan Urgant with respect. All the best. Zakhar Prilepin. 2012″.

The day before, the novelist announced that the TV presenter was preparing to return to the air. “In the corridors of Ostankino, Ivan Urgant cheerfully wrote down the introductions to the new program“, Prilepin said.

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